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Strategic Issues Program

Panel Topics

Campaign Finance Overview

The non-partisan 2012-2013 DU Strategic Issues Panel examined the explosive growth of money in politics and assessed its impact on our democracy, both in Colorado and across the nation.

The panel considered two central questions:

  • "To what degree, if any, should campaign finance be regulated?"
  • "If regulation is desirable, what form should it take?"

While campaign finance has been debated for more than one hundred years in the United States, the 2012 election cycle has brought the debate to the forefront of many political conversations. The intersection of recent court rulings with federal, state and local laws, along with the rise of new political entities such as SuperPACs, have amplified the dialogue. The topic of campaign finance deserves careful study, factually-based perspectives and reasoned discourse. Providing a forum for such thoughtful discussion is the purpose of the Strategic Issues Program.

Read the panel's report, "Money, Elections and Citizens United: Campaign Finance Reform for Colorado," here.

Campaign finance report