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Strategic Issues Program

Panel Topics

Higher Education Overview

The 2013-2014 DU Strategic Issues Panel examined the forces reshaping the environment of higher education. Technology, demographic changes, shifting values, costs that consistently outstrip inflation, growing price resistance from parents and students, competition from non-traditional schools, the potential for increased governmental involvement and other forces are challenging the pedagogy, economic models, mores, traditions and viability of higher education institutions. The impact of disruptive changes that lie on the educational horizon is likely to be profound.

With change, however, comes opportunity. Some institutions will not only survive, but will prosper in the new environment. They will be the colleges and universities that think carefully about the disruptive forces affecting higher education and create organizations supple enough to adjust to rapid change. They will deploy limited resources in a focused way; honoring the values of the academy while recognizing the benefits of some new and potentially quite different curricular, pedagogical and business models.

Click here to read "Unsettling Times: Higher Education in an Era of Change"

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