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Strategic Issues Program

Higher Education

Panel Members

Each year the University of Denver convenes a non-partisan panel of citizens to examine an issue of particular importance to the people of Colorado. These panels, called Strategic Issues Panels, are "blue ribbon panels" in every sense of the word.

Typically, they are composed of 15-20 accomplished citizens from various walks of life, selected on the basis of their personal experience, judgment, and openness to a variety of ideas and perspectives. Panel members bring a wealth of experience to the process.

The distinguished members of the 2013-2014 Panel on the Future of Higher Education are:

Floyd Ciruli – Founder, Ciruli Associates

Lynn Gangone – Dean, The Women's College

Francisco Garcia – Trustee; Managing Partner, Garcia International

Peter Gilbertson – Trustee; Chairman, President and CEO, Anacostia & Pacific Company, Inc.

Jim Griesemer – Trustee; Professor and Dean Emeritus; Director, Strategic Issues Program, University of Denver

Steve Halstedt – Managing Director, Centennial Ventures

Gail Klapper – Member/Director, Colorado Forum

Andrei Kutateladze – Professor and Dean, Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Denver

Gregg Kvistad – Professor and Provost, University of Denver

Scott Leutenegger – Professor, School of Engineering and Computer Science and President Faculty Senate, University of Denver

Greg Moore – Editor, The Denver Post

Kay Norton – President, University of Northern Colorado

Denise O'Leary – Trustee; Private Investor; Director, Calpine Corporation, Medtronic, Inc., and US Airways, Inc.

Ron Rizzuto – Professor, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver

Susan Schulten - Professor and Chair, History Department, University of Denver

Doug Scrivner – Trustee; Retired General Counsel, Accenture

Cappy Shopneck – Trustee; Principal, South Woods Financial LLC

David Thomson – Professor and Director, Lawyering Process, Sturm College of Law, University of Denver

Clara Villarosa – Trustee; Business Coach and Author; Founder and Former Owner, The Hue-Man Experience New York

Tom Willoughby – Vice Chancellor for Enrollment, University of Denver

Craig Woody – Vice Chancellor for Business and Financial Affairs, University of Denver