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Strategic Issues Program

Panel Topics

State Government Overview

The 2010-2011 DU Strategic Issues Panel examined the serious challenges facing state governments across the nation. Falling revenues, service cutbacks, deteriorating infrastructure, struggling schools and personnel layoffs are but some of the woes confronting virtually every state, including Colorado.

It is a crisis that questions the viability of states; a topic of fundamental importance that deserves careful study, factually-based perspectives and reasoned discourse. Providing a forum for such thoughtful discussion is the purpose of the strategic issues program.

The panel considered two central questions:

  • "What principles should guide the role, responsibilities and funding of state governments in the 21st century?"
  • "How should those principles be applied in Colorado?"

These questions address fundamental issues of state effectiveness, transparency, stewardship, performance and responsiveness. They enquire into the basic nature of state government: its role, functions, responsibilities, relationships, effectiveness, organization, financing and more. For Colorado, the answers to these questions will shape the future of our state.

State Government Report Cover

Read the panel's full report:
Rethinking Colorado's Government: Principles and Policies for Fiscal Sustainability