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Your account is automatic

E-mail accounts are automatically created for all students, faculty members, and benefited staff. The university contracts with Microsoft to provide email service using Office 365. For more information, see our E-mail Password Support page.

To request an Exchange account for a non-benefited employee or special community member please open a support request at http://support.du.edu. Requests will be answered within 3 business days. Additional forms may be required to create an account.

Software is your choice

You can access and manage your DU Exchange e-mail online via http://office365.du.edu, you can use e-mail software on your computer (Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, etc,) or an email client on your smartphone or tablet (Outlook is available from the Apple and Google Play stores). For how-to information on setting up your Exchange account on your email client software or mobile device.

Your Email quota

Your quota for Email on Microsoft's servers is 50 GB. This is 25 times larger than the quota DU offered before email was provided by Microsoft. We are unable to accommodate requests to increase the quota on mailboxes.


Last reviewed: December 8, 2015

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