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Disability Access Mission

Information Technology (IT) supports adaptive technology software and hardware for enhancing the respective learning styles of disabled students. While IT is able to support only a portion of the software available, every effort will be made to customize the computer setup, train, and assist those using adaptive computing methods.

To make an appointment for adaptive computer access, please call the IT Help Center at 303.871.4700, or contact us for more information.

Adaptive Technology

The University has an adaptive Windows station in Penrose Library. Additional technology will be available as needed for classroom, lab or another campus location.

Computer HelpCenter AT Station is equipped with:

CD/DVD ROM drive, upgraded speakers, standard keyboard with Windows key, printer, HP Visioneer scanner, Arkenstone Open Book, WYNN read/write/study tool, WindowEyes screen reader, MS Office, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Premiere

Word Processing, Spreadsheets and Presentations

Microsoft Word is the preferred word processing program, and Microsoft Excel is the recommended spreadsheet program. For help with adaptive questions about these programs, as well as Powerpoint, please open the accessibility setup within each program, visit the IT Help Center, or the call the Help Center at 303.871.4700.

For the answers to more detailed questions,
please visit the Microsoft Home Page.

Adaptive Programs

The adaptive computer and technology programs on stations at specific locations are supported by department staff there. Program documentation is usually available in the program application folder of the pc you are using. If you experience trouble using one of these applications, can contact the Help Center at x4700. Help Center consultants will make every effort to troubleshoot the problem and resolve it with you.