Is spam arriving in your Inbox?

Spam can be unwanted advertisements, chain letters, scams or attempts to compromise your computer or your privacy. Spam email has the following characteristics:

  • Identical or nearly identical messages are sent to a large number of recipients (typically 25 or more, often thousands).
  • The recipients have not granted deliberate, explicit, and still-revocable permission for the messages to be sent.
  • The transmission and reception of the messages appear to the recipients to give a disproportionate benefit to the sender.

In addition to the filtering options we've offered in the past, we've added Sophos PureMessage anti-spam software. Messages that the software identifies as spam will include additional headers to allow for filtering those messages either to a JUNK or Trash folder and will have the subject altered to include {SPAM?}.

Please note: If you read your e-mail on one of the departmental or college e-mail servers, or forward your e-mail to an off-campus site, your e-mail may not be filtered for spam. If you receive messages tagged by SpamAssassin, and your e-mail client is capable of filtering, you may wish to configure it to do some filtering for you.

If you wish to pursue this, please read Configuring an e-mail client to filter spam .

Note: If you believe someone is misusing your e-mail account, for example, forging e-mail from you or sending you unwanted messages other than spam, or to learn more about e-abuse and Spam, please visit our Network Security e-abuse pages.