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Cisco VPN

(Win 7, XP and Vista)

Mac OS X
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Cisco VPN - External Access

Windows - XP, Vista, 7, and 8


1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to
2. Enter your DU ID and password in the Login field.

Enter Login  
3. Click Continue on the VPN access notification.  
Click Continue  
4. When prompted, click "Install ActiveX Control" in the browser information bar.  
Install Active X  
5. Allow the installer to complete.  
Installer installing...  
6. The connection is established. Notice the new "Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client" icon in your taskbar.  
Connection Successful  

To launch a secure connection in the future, please navigate to your Start Menu, expand All Programs, and then locate and launch the "Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client."



Additional Troubleshooting Tips

Once the program has launched and if the "Connect to:" field is blank like in the screenshot shown below:  
Connection Successful  
Kindly type in "" and hit "Select"  
Connection Successful  
You will then be prompted to enter your 87xxxxxxx credentials and password  
Connection Successful