Network Access





The University of Denver now has an extensive wireless network that provides good coverage to most areas in some buildings, which can be used for flexibility or for when connecting to a Wired location may not be convenient.  Please be advised that wireless are still slower than traditional Ethernet, or wired connection, which are located in most buildings on campus and should be used whenever possible for best performance.

Connecting to our wireless network requires either an integrated or PC wireless card or USB adapter. You will also need to configure your laptop to access network resources through a wireless connection. For information and instructions on obtaining a wireless connection, please visit:

Please note to successfully configure or use your computer for wireless, you must be in a wireless coverage area .

If you have any problems setting up your wireless connection, please visit the Help Center in the IT building, located at 2100 S. High Street (SE corner of High and Evans).

Note - Wireless connectivity at the University of Denver is currently supported on handheld devices such as Android smart phones, and iPhones.