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Your DU ID and Password

A valid DU ID number and password (sometimes referred to as password) is required to access many of the University of Denver online resources.

  • Your DU ID is the 9-digit number on your DU ID card. Your password is a secret code used by many online systems.
  • On your DU ID card, your DU ID number is in the upper left-hand corner below your name and University affiliation.
  • The Office of the Registrar (303.871.2284) manages the issuance of DU IDs and passwords for students.
  • Shared Services (303.871.7420) manages the issuing of DU ID number for employees (faculty and staff).

If a system will not accept your DU ID, please call the IT Help Center at 303.871.4700 to verify that your DU ID is in the system.

How do I get a DU ID and password?

When you become part of the University of Denver as a student or as a faculty or staff member, you are given a DU ID and password.

If you are a student and don't know your DU ID or password, please contact the Office of the Registrar (303.871.2284).

If you are faculty or staff and do not know your DU ID please contact Shared Services (303.871.7420).

Can I change my DU ID?

Unfortunately not. The purpose of a DU ID is to serve as a unique identifier for every member of the DU community. Changing a DU ID number would undermine that purpose. 

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by logging in to PioneerWeb > My Account > Password >Change Password.

If you have problems changing your password, please call the IT Help Center at 303.871.4700 to request for a password reset.