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Welcome, New Students!

You are about to begin your experience at the University of Denver, and your laptop will play an important role in your daily life.

Student laptop requirements

Computer security is critical. Before you arrive on campus and connect your laptop to the on-campus network, please review the following laptop installation/configuration tasks. Click each link below for the step-by-step process.

Please click here for a PowerPoint with additional information.


If you have a Windows PC:

If you have an antivirus client that came pre-installed with your computer, you do not have to install DU's antivirus software. However, if your current client is a trial-only version and you have not purchased the full version, you will have to upgrade to the full version upon expiration or install antivirus.

Please follow these steps to ensure your machine is ready for connecting to the University of Denver's network:

If you have a Mac:

 Contact our IT Help Center if you have questions or concerns.
 Call: 303.871.4700, or open a support request:

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