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Secure Shell (SSH)

- Secure Shell for Windows XP
- Secure Shell for Unix/Linux
- Secure Shell for Macintosh (10.3.9 and later)

What is Secure Shell?

Secure Shell (SSH) is software you can use to log on to our central computers and/or transfer files to and from those computers. There are two parts to Secure Shell: the client software you need on your computer and the Secure Shell server software we have on our central computers. Together, they make your password and your data safer by encrypting everything transmitted during your Secure Shell session.

The SSH client is a replacement for QVT telnet and ftp, for accessing central computers such as Agora. Because telnet and ftp transmit data without encryption, someone with readily available software and enough knowledge can "listen" to telnet and ftp sessions and pick up information like logins and passwords. Without a data encryption application like SSH, computer accounts and even entire computing systems can be seriously compromised.

Where can I get Secure Shell?

There are many vendors of secure shell client and server software. SSH Corporation has generously given the University of Denver a site license allowing all faculty, staff and students to use their version of secure shell on workstations at home and work.

SSH is now distributed with many versions of Unix and Linux. The latest official versions of OpenSSH are available at

For the new Intel Macintosh (10.3.9 or later,) we recommend Transmit FTP. You can download a 15 day free trial at

NOTE: In addition to providing terminal emulation and file transfer functions, SSH Corporation's secure shell client supports a feature called tunneling. Tunneling allows other network applications to run through a secure connection established by SSH. Please see our SSH Advanced Topics Web page for more information.

Versions of secure shell clients are available from other vendors, and some may work well with SSH Corporation's secure shell server. However, you will not be able to get assistance from our HelpDesk if you choose to try those products.