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Secure Shell (SSH)

SSH for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, or 2000

SSH Download Instructions

When you install the SSH and Secure File Transfer software on your computer it creates a desktop icon to access Agora securely through SSH and a separate icon for Secure File Transfer.

  1. Click here to download SSH.

  2. Click Save and save the program to your desktop (or any other folder, as long as you can find it).

  3. Close your browser and look for the new SSH icon.

  4. Click on the new SSH icon to install.

Upgrading SSH

If you already have SSH installed, the SSH setup will display the following screen. Be sure to select the Repair option. This will upgrade SSH and retain your previous settings.

Not a 30-Day Evaluation

During installation, you may see a message stating that this version is only a 30-day evaluation version. Please ignore this erroneous message. The Windows version is a fully licensed version. It is NOT an evaluation version.

SSH Tips

Opening SSH

To open a terminal session using SSH:

  1. Click on the SSH Terminal icon

  2. Click File

  3. Click Connect

  4. When the system prompts for the Host Name, enter:

  5. Enter your DU username in the username window and click Connect

  6. When the system presents the window for your password, enter it, and click OK.

Setting up an automatic Agora log-in

To avoid typing in the Host Name ( for each session:

  1. Click Edit

  2. Click Settings and the Connection Window should appear

  3. In the Host Settings Window, enter:

  4. In the Username Window, enter: Your username

  5. Click OK

  6. The next time you click on the SSH Terminal icon, you will not have to enter this information to open your session.

    Links to additional information about SSH are available on the Secure Shell home page.