Departmental Server Hosting

Departments that do not have dedicated technology staff may choose to make use of the departmental hosting service offered by Computer Operations. Servers purchased and owned by individual departments are ordered and installed in the IT Data Center by Computer Operations staff. IT personnel administer and maintain server hardware, operating systems and nightly backups. Departmental personnel administer and maintain the departmental application(s).

The IT Data Center provides physical security, environmental protection, operating system maintenance, and virus protection to help ensure that information stored on departmental servers is compliant with university standards as well as FERPA, HIPAA, and other state and federal regulations.

Departmental administrators cannot access servers in the data center except when accompanied by a Computer Operations staff member with prior approval. Currently, there is no charge to departments to host approved servers in the IT Data Center. Hosting services must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for IT. For more information please contact or call 303-871-2094.