Administrative File and Print Services

Information Technology provides centralized file and print services for administrative use to colleges, schools and departments. Departments may choose to use shared networked drives and printers for common use among faculty and staff. IT also provides a network based "Home Folder", sometimes referred to as a "Zephyr drive", for every benefitted staff and faculty member. Home Folders are also available to adjunct faculty members upon the request of their department. Your home folder is backed up regularly by Information Technology which makes it an ideal location to store research data . Files stored in your home folder are considered private and cannot be accessed by others.*

Appropriate use of your home folder includes:
· storage of sensitive student data protected under HIPAA, FERPA, or other applicable legislation
· storage of private research data
· storage of archived email
· storage of other files related to research or University of Denver activities which should be secured and backed up.

Your home folder is not an appropriate location to store personal (ie: non-DU related) music, pictures, or documents; nor is it an appropriate location for operating system backups.

By default, home folders are limited to 10 GB of storage, which will accommodate several thousand typical Word documents or images. This limit has proven to be sufficient for the majority of our population. Requests for additional storage for University of Denver related activities can be directed to the IT Help Desk at 303-871-4700 or open a support request at Requests for additional storage should only be made when all non-DU related files have been removed from your home folder.

* Under certain circumstances, and as with all university owned resources, access to your home folder may be granted to your supervisor or senior administration when deemed necessary.