SSL Certificates

Information Security has an arrangement to issue annual SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates for the domain through Thawte, a certificate authority recognized by all popular browsing software.

In order to obtain an SSL certificate through this service:

  • Web servers must be operated by a University of Denver department and have a Web address in the domain.
  • The department operating the Web server must agree to comply with Thawte's SSL Certificate Subscriber Agreement.

The following information is also required for new certificates:

  • A University of Denver budget number that can be charged for the certificate fee.
  • A description of the Web server software for which the certificate is to be issued (e.g., IIS or Apache and the release number).
  • A Certificate Signing Request (CSR).

Some points to consider:

  • Unless special arrangements are made with Thawte, each certificate may be used only on a single server.
  • Certificates can be re-issued to accommodate changes such as IP number reassignment that occur during the term of the certificate. Currently, Thawte does not charge for this service.
  • Charges for renewing existing certificates are generally less than charges for issuing new ones.

Please send e-mail to infossl (no hyphen) for additional information.