Internet Firewall

DU's Internet firewall allows outgoing connections from the DU network to the Internet. However, the firewall will, by design, prevent incoming connections to the computers, servers and services on the DU network. The only way to enter the network from the outside is by configuring the firewall to allow specific connections.

Every Firewall Exception increases the risk to DU networks, systems, and applications - our virtual private network (VPN) or other secure remote access solutions should be used whenever possible.  Please note that all Firewall Exception Requests require a security assessment, as a result requests may take up to five (5) days to process.

You must be either an appointed faculty or staff member at DU to request a Firewall Exception Request. Students or student organizations must work with their appropriate advisors to make requests. To request a Firewall Exception Request to allow Internet access to a resource on the DU network from the Internet, please submit the following form:

Firewall Request Form