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Students: Work Part-Time and Earn $900/week! - NOT

Sorry for the come on, and that's just what this is. But we did want to get your attention.

This is just one more example of the subject of an e-mail message that is too good to be true.

Especially with the current economic environment, scammers, con men, phishers, what ever you want to call them, know we are human and that we want to believe that there is an easy way to make money.

Lately we have seen an increasing number of messages offering jobs as "mystery shoppers", taking surveys for money and other get rich schemes. If you do follow up on these, you will likely find that to participate you will either need to pay for the service and/or reveal details that could be used in identity theft.

Some students believe that since these messages were delivered to their DU e-mail address that some how they are are legitimate, and that IT would not allow the messages to be delivered if the messages were not.

The truth of the matter is that while we do everything we can to block or tag such messages some still arrive, unscathed, in Inboxes.

Please note that even replying to these messages is a bad idea. Even if you don't hear from the original sender, they know they have a "live one" and will sell your address to someone else who will try to exploit you.

And never, ever click on a link in an unexpected, unsolicited e-mail message. Even if your computer is up-to-date with all the latest patches, it is still possible to be tricked into doing something to compormise your computer or to reveal your personal information.

If you want to find an on-line or work-at-home income take the time to research what is available, learn about and verify the legitimacy of any company you are interested in, don't pay for the service and never reveal any personal information.

The Federal Trade commission has an article on Mystery Shopping.

As for taking online surveys for money, there are some legitimate services out there. While some of them do lead to being paid for taking surveys, they do not pay a great deal. It seems likely you would earn more working the same hours at a minimum wage job.

Remember if it is too good to be true, it very likely is.

Also, if you get a message that you think *might* be legitimate and would like to know for sure, forward it to abuse@du.edu and ask us to check it out.

If you are certain its not legitimate, help us improve our spam filtering by forwarding it to is-spam@du.edu.