Video Creation Studio Reservation Request

How to submit a Video Creation Studio (VCS) reservation request:

  1. Click through the calendar below to determine if the time you would like to request is available.
  2. Fill out and submit your reservation request. Once submitted, someone will contact you to confirm your reservation.

Refer to Video Creation Studio page for more information and FAQs.

VCS Reservation Contact Form

Reservation Date & Time
The Reservation Date & Time is when you would like to start your video creation session. Please allow a 2 hour block of time to create your video.
Have you participated in a training on how to use the VC Studio?
Would you like to consult with an instructional designer?
An Instructional designer can help develop or refine your preparatory materials (e.g., script, slides, storyboard, props) before you record. For additional details on recording best practices, please visit the VC Studio website for important Recording Tips and FAQs.
Check all that apply. Use Shift + click or Command/Ctrl + click to select multiple options. If "Other" is selected, please provide additional details in the Message text-area below.