Connect to DU Wireless

Connect Your Laptop, Tablet or Phone to the Wireless Network

To connect to the new network, select "DU WiFi" from your list of wireless networks.  A browser window should automatically open (if not, open any browser such as Chrome, IE, Firefox or Safari).  You will see the following page.


General Use

  1. Select "General Use" if:
    • You are a student and are not employed by DU or
    • You are a faculty/staff and do not access any restricted resources on your laptop such as shared folders, departmental printers or iBanner or
    • You are using a mobile device or tablet
  2. You will be prompted for your username and passcode.  Enter your DU email address as the username ( and your PioneerWeb passcode for the password.  

    That's it!  You are now connected to the DU WiFi network and will not be asked to reauthenticate for a year.

Restricted Use

1)  Select "Restricted Use" if:

  • The device you are using is not a mobile device (phone or tablet) or
  • You are accessing secure applications or services such as shared folders, departmental computers and iBanner on your laptop.

2)  You will be directed to a screen that giving you details about the restricted network.  Select "Xpress Connect" from the screen.

3)  Follow the prompts in Express Connect.  Your will use your DU email address for the username ( and your PioneerWeb passcode for the password.

*Note that once you have gone through the onboarding process, you will be connected to the Eduroam network and will need to reauthenticate when you change your PioneerNet or email password.  For more information on Eduroam, please see our Knowledge Base article KB0010743

Connecting to WiFi at DU as a Guest

  1. From the available WiFi networks, select "DU Guest" if:
    • You are not a student, faculty or staff member at the University and are visiting campus, or
    • You are on campus doing official work for the University of Denver
  2. Read the Terms of Agreement and click the "I Agree" button

Connecting Other Wireless Devices to the Network

You must register any other wireless devices (e.g gaming devices, local printers, Roku sticks, etc.) on the DU network.  Please see Knowledge Base article KB0011368 for information and detailed instructions.

Help! I connected to DU WiFi when I really needed Eduroam and now I can't connect to most of DU's network resources. What do I do?

Please visit You can select the network that you need and follow the onscreen instructions to get connected. This does not work if you've connected to DU WiFi as a guest and need to get onto the General Use