DU Portfolio

The University of Denver's DU Portfolio is a fully developed web-based application that supports the academic community with a searchable database of electronic portfolios for students, faculty, staff and alumni, and communities.

DU Portfolio is being decommissioned in 2023. Read more about the decommissioning process here.

Frequently Asked Questions: DU Portfolio Replacement

Why are we replacing DU Portfolio? 

DU Portfolio is a home-grown platform created in 2003 that the university no longer updates and is no longer sustainable for continued long-term use. It was developed in a time when few viable options for ePortfolios, intranets, and file sharing repositories existed. DU does not have the capacity to address a major failure event and/or possible security vulnerabilities.  

When is DU Portfolio going away? 

Because DU portfolio is a homegrown system, we do not need to worry about an impending end to a contract. Because we anticipate the needs of DU Portfolio being met by multiple platforms, some which already exist, you may begin moving resources to already-existing repositories at any time. For course-based ePortfolios, Digication is now live and available for use. We intend to decommission DU portfolio completely by approximately summer 2024.   

Options for Transitioning to Another Solution 

Option 1: Digication

Digication has been approved as an alternate option for Portfolio users with a community profile/ website/ intranet use case, as well as curricular, co-curricular, and professional e-Portfolios.

Digication has essentially all of the same capabilities as DU Portfolio and is very user-friendly. View the Digication website for some examples of its capabilities and sample portfolios. Digication is currently live and available to the DU community. Visit du.digication.com to get started.

Option 2: Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams is available to all DU community members as part of the Office 365 suite. Teams could be a good solution for the following use cases: 

  • Departmental Intranet 
  • Committee Resource Page
  • Accreditation
  • Academic Program Management

Review the following videos to see an example of a departmental resource page that has been moved from DU Portfolio to Teams. 

link to Transition From DU Portfolio to Microsoft Teams training playlist

Pros & Cons of Microsoft Teams 


  • Do it yourself: no request necessary to create a new team or add other users 
  • Lots of file storage (up to 25 TB per team) 
  • Roles: Team Owner, Member and Guest Capabilities 
  • Create multiple channels for the whole team or only certain users 
  • Archive channels that are no longer needed 
  • Share with users outside the University 
  • Collaborate on files in real time 
  • Chat and video call anyone on Teams 


  • Not a lot of visual customization

How to Get Started with Microsoft Teams

Anyone can set up a new Team in Microsoft Teams. Refer to the training above or follow the tutorials linked below. 

For more information and training materials, visit the IT webpage on Teams

Option 3: MyDU Pages

MyDU is the University’s internal portal. The Pages feature in MyDU could be a good solution for the following use cases: 

  • Internal Resource Page 
  • Basic External Website 

Basic information on setting up pages within MyDU can be found in the following article. 

Review the following videos to see an example of a basic portfolio page that has been moved from DU Portfolio to MyDU. 

Transition from DU Portfolio to MyDU Video Training

Pros & Cons of MyDU Pages 


  • Define your audience (faculty only, staff only, students of a certain year or college, etc.) or share your page externally 
  • Each page has a unique, shareable URL
  • Internal users can bookmark pages for easy access 
  • Simple editing platform 
  • Content is searchable within MyDU 


  • Only one page (no options to create multiple pages or tabs within pages) 
  • Basic look and feel (one column layout) 
  • All content is either public or private 
  • No file storage or organization 
  • Limited to two editors

How to Get Started with MyDU Pages

To request a new page in MyDU, submit a ticket here

Request a Consultation

We understand that this transition is complex and user-specific. If you would like to meet with a member of the IT Software Adoption team to discuss your options for transitioning away from DU Portfolio, submit a Portfolio Decommission Consultation request

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