Citrix SSO VPN client for Mac

IT@DU is launching a new VPN client the week of August 16th, 2021. Please reference this page for download and instructions:

If you are on a DU owned Mac, you can download the Citrix SSO through the Self Service App.

If you do not have Self Service on your DU owned Mac, please contact the IT Help Center at 303-871-4700 or online at for assistance.

  1. Open spotlight search in the upper right (next to the time in the menu bar of your computer) and type in "self service"

  2. Citrix SSO will appear in the list of "All" apps.  Select it to download and install.



If you are on a personal computer log into the App Store

  1. Search for Citrix SSO to download the Citrix SSO client
    1. Note that you will need to log into your Apple ID account to download the Citrix SSO client, but it is a free application

Connecting to the Citrix SSO

After installing the Citrix SSO using one of the methods above, follow the steps below to connect

  1. Open the Citrix SSO to enter the connection information
  2. In the URL field, enter
  3. In the Name field, enter your desired name
  4. Click Save

  5. Select Connect

  6. Enter your DU email address and password

    If you are a Law School student or employee use your email address and password

    You will see a confirmation of your connection, as well as the Citrix SSO icon in your menu bar.

If you have any other questions, or encounter an error, please contact the IT Help Center at 303-871-4700 or online at