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Microsoft Client/Server Systems

RestrictionsManaging Client Software

Information Technology (IT) licenses server software under a Microsoft “Select Agreement”. Please contact IT Computer Operations if you need to run a server operating system. We are happy to discuss your needs.

Usage Restrictions

We are not allowed to provide any commercial hosting services with products purchased under our agreement. An example of commercial hosting might be allowing a business that is not directly affiliated with DU to use software on DU servers in exchange for fees, goods or services in kind.

You may not disclose the results of benchmark testing for any server products to any third party without Microsoft's prior written approval.

Managing Client Software

Reinstalling software

You are responsible for keeping track of any software you purchase that requires a license or installation key. IT maintains license management servers for applications that have been purchased at volume.

Cloning Several Computers

IT Customer Service uses Microsoft SCCM servers to create images and load images on multiple computers. Please contact the IT Help Center at 303.871.4700 if you have computers that need to be reloaded.


Last reviewed: December 8, 2015