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What is CallegraDESK?
How Can I Get CallegraDESK?
Accessing CallegraDESK

What is CallegraDESK?

CallegraDESK , also referred to as visual messaging, is the Windows interface that allows mailbox owners to quickly and easily manage voice mail messages from their personal computers.

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How can I get CallegraDESK?

There is a one-time fee of $20 for the purchase of the software license. You may order on-line or fax your written request for CallegraDESK to Telephone Services at ext. 13839. Your request must include your mailbox number and your departmental budget number. Telephone Services will then enable your box for client support. The $20 license fee will appear on your department’s next monthly telephone bill.

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Accessing CallegraDesk

To access CallegraDesk, go to http://voicemail.du.edu/

You must be using Internet Explorer for the interface to function properly.

Enter your voice mail box number and the numerical password you would currently use if you were accessing the voice mail system by phone.

You can also access and print detailed voice mail information at our web

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