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As many of you know, we have recently moved to a directory assistance program which draws its information directly from Banner. This information feeds not only the program used by the campus switchboard, but also both the printed and web versions of faculty and staff directories. Accordingly, the process of collecting directory information has also changed significantly.

You can view the directory information currently on file at any time by searching the Web directory available from the main DU home page.

The following are the only pieces of directory information specifically maintained by Telephone Services:

  • Campus telephone number
  • Department
  • Campus Address, including building name and room number
  • Spouse/Partner's name, if you wish to have this information included in the printed directory.

You will be asked to verify and/or update this information each Spring as we begin the process of preparing the printed directory for publication. Additionally, you may update this information at any time by sending e-mail to du-directory@du.edu.

Other directory information is maintained as follows:

NAME: Your last name is your legal name as found on your social security card; if a change is desired, please contact Human Resources. Your first name also defaults to your legal name, however you may select a "preferred" first name, e.g., Bob instead of Robert. This is under YOUR control. To designate a preferred first name go to MyWeb, click Enter Secure Area and log on with your Banner ID and password; select Personal Information, then click Update Preferred First Name.

JOB TITLE: A change to your job title can be made by submitting a properly completed PCR (Position Change Request) form to Human Resources. These forms must be completed by your Department Head or designated Budget Officer and must be submitted by July 1 each year for inclusion in the printed directory in the Fall.

HOME ADDRESS AND PHONE: To make changes to this information, go to MyWeb, click Enter Secure Area and log on using your Banner ID and password. Select Personal Information then click Update Addresses and Phones and follow the on-screen directions. This information (along with Spouse or Partner name) may be included in the printed version of the Faculty and Staff Campus Directory each year at your discretion. This information DOES NOT appear in the web based directory nor in the directory assistance program used by the campus switchboard. To include such personal information in the printed directory, check the appropriate space on the verification form you receive in May, sign the form and return it to Telephone Services.

E-Mail Address: The e-mail address used in all forms of the directory (printed, web and directory assistance) is the default @du.edu address maintained in Banner.