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Voice mail is an enhanced communications tool that works with your telephone line to allow subscribers to communicate using any touch-tone telephone in the world. It will automatically answer incoming calls and take a message if your line is either busy or unanswered. Messages can be retrieved remotely at any time from any touch tone telephone.

There are several different standardized box types available, each of which is described below. See the Rate Table for monthly charges.

  • Standard 20-Message Mailbox is the box type most commonly used on campus and permits the box owner up to 20 messages at one time. The 20 messages may be in any combination of new and saved messages.
  • Double 40-Message Mailbox permits the box owner to have up to 40 messages at one time in any combination of new and saved messages
  • Triple-60 Message Mailbox permits the box owner to have up to 60 messages at one time in any combination of new and saved messages.
  • Call Director is a box that does not allow callers to leave messages but rather provides a menu of options from which callers make selections. Calls are then routed to other user-defined destination boxes or extension numbers.
  • Escalation boxes allow users with two different extension numbers to direct all voice mail messages to one box, eliminating the need to check more than one voice mail box for messages.
  • Uniform Call Distribution boxes will distribute calls to a list of mailboxes and should be used when the reporting capabilities of ACD are unnecessary.

Some users find that they need greater mailbox capacity not because of the number of new messages they receive, but because of the number of messages they wish to save. In this case, we recommend that the user purchase a license for CallegraDESK, the PC client software that allows mailbox owners to manage their voice mail boxes from their desktop PC. This product will allow the user to save a copy of a voice mail message to their PC hard drive indefinitely.

Some settings are common to all box types. These are:

  • Greeting length -- 1 minute.
  • Number of greetings -- 5.
  • Maximum message length -- 5 minutes.
  • New message retention -- 45 days.
  • Saved message retention -- 14 days.
  • Deleted message retention -- 1 day.

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