The University uses 25Live calendar software to provide units on campus with individual and combined calendars. Each calendar at is maintained by a specific person or department.  A list of calendar managers indicates who to contact if you need further information about a calendar, or to inquire about an event you submitted.

25Live Features

  • Calendar subscription for public users
  • Multiple calendar views and formats
  • Event reminders and change notifications via email
  • Searchable calendars
  • Syndication of your events on your website or a PioneerWeb tab
  • More...

For some units, managing multiple calendars, or "tagging" individual events, allows for segregation of specific types of events for display in specific contexts, while also accommodate a "master," or aggregated view of all their events. Open a Campus Calendars/25Live request or emailing if you would like to review your options before submitting a new calendar request.

Requesting a New Calendar

To request a new calendar, please submit Campus Calendars/25Live request. New calendar requests are subject to review and approval of University Communications and/or Information Technology. 

Changing Calendar Managers

To request an additional calendar manager, and/or change the managers for a calendar, please Campus Calendars/25Live request.

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