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Dreamweaver CS5 SFTP Settings for mysite.du.edu

Follow the steps below to connect to the mysite.du.edu webserver using Dreamweaver CS5.

1. Start Dreamweaver.
2. From the Site menu, choose Manage Sites…
3. Click the New button.

Setup for SFTP connections to mysite.du.edu

Step 1:

A. Give your site a name. This does not affect your connection, it is just a label that identifies this site connection among any others you have set up in Dreamweaver.
B. Click the folder icon on the right of the Local Site Folder field to browse to the folder on your computer you want to use to store the local copy of your site while you edit pages with Dreamweaver.

Step 2:

Select the Servers button, and then the + icon.

Step 3:

A. Enter a Server Name/description for this connection
B. Choose SFTP from the Connect using: drop-down selector
C. Enter mysite.du.edu for the SFTP address
D. Enter your Username and Password
E. Enter a value for the Root Directory as shown in the screenshot, substituting your user name between /mysite/ and /public_html/
F. Enter a value for the Web URL as shown in the screenshot, appending your user name after the ~