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Web Policies

DU Department and Unit Websites

Any DU unit can request web space on the University's servers and can designate the people responsible for developing and maintaining web content. If you are ready to create a new website or redesign a current www.du.edu web site should contact University Communications.

All DU Web sites must comply with the following:

Personal Web Sites

Faculty, staff and students of DU are eligible for web space on the mysite.du.edu server. These accounts are removed and the personal Web sites deleted a short time after individuals leave DU.

Your personal Web site is located at mysite.du.edu/~username. Newly-created mysite space is empty and this url will remain invalid until web pages (specifically and index.html page) are saved to your public_html directory.

For instruction on how to create and publish your pages, visit "Connecting to your personal (mysite.du.edu) website."

When creating a personal Web site, you must comply with the following policies:

DU Sites on Other Servers

Some DU departments, schools, and business units maintain their own web servers. For information on such arrangements, please visit IT policies regarding special domain names.