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Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging

Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging

Knoebel Institute for Healthy Aging


Apply for Membership Now

With the goal to align with the inclusive environment of the University of Denver (DU), we designed these membership categories that are open across students, friends, staff, and faculty. The DU departments or schools will have primary responsibility for appointments of faculty across the series of Professorial Series, Professorial Series in University Libraries, Research Professorial Series, Clinical Professorial Series, Lecturer Series, Adjunct Professorial Series, Visiting Professorial Series, In-Residence Series, and the Emeritus Series.

Then, the KIHA membership committee will consider and confirm the individual or organizational membership with KIHA. For community partners, the individual may initiate it directly with the department, school or KIHA director, who may introduce potential members to department and school directors and deans for consideration. Faculty appointment and KIHA membership can be considered separately. Individuals can be members of KIHA without any department appointment. Participating in KIHA events, trainings, research, or pilot funding will not require a KIHA membership category.

The membership categories serve to facilitate the development of the network and to acknowledge the contributions of key partners across the DU campus and external to DU. Benefits to membership include:

  • Access to the KIHA newsletter, invitations to KIHA events, and a membership directory.
  • Help to connect to DU students, KIHA Members, and other community members interested in aging.
  • Assistance to advance their research, education and other relevant activities, such as through networking opportunities, trainings, grant-writing assistance, eligibility for special funding opportunities or awards, and access to potential philanthropic funds.


  • Student
    Open to both undergraduate and graduate students who express an interest in aging or who are involved in research, educational, or outreach projects with KIHA Members.
  • Affiliate
    This category is open to individuals and organizations. Individuals may include friends, DU staff, donors, and community outreach contacts who express an interest in aging. To clarify, donors will work with the director or a development officer first, and if the donor wants a KIHA Affiliate title, then this category is considered. Non-DU organizations or corporation/foundation/public agency partners who are more than casually involved with KIHA may be recognized as affiliate organization. Affiliates may serve on KIHA committees, at the discretion of the director. Affiliates may engage in collaborative research with KIHA Members. Affiliates may be invited to provide educational or outreach activities, mentorship to students, internship opportunities, research consultation, or other collaborative activities. Some Affiliates may have a contract for specified work or a Memo of Understanding (MOU) with KIHA that specifies sharing of resources (funding, personnel, equipment, time), co-sponsoring of events, outreach or advocacy activities, or other initiatives to increase knowledge, awareness, and attitudes that promote healthy aging. Affiliates are not required to have specific DU department or school appointments.
  • Member
    Members are DU appointed faculty, post-doctoral fellows, or non-DU scholars, researchers, scientists or professors who have obtained a faculty appointment or post-doctoral fellowship from a DU department or school, who are involved in teaching, research, and administrative tasks that are aligned with KIHA's mission and conducted in partnership with KIHA. Members must hold an advanced degree (preferably a doctorate or equivalent, or appropriate master degree plus experience). Members may have limited or recent involvement in KIHA, may be conducting independent research, or may be serving in mentorship or advisory positions. The department or school will be responsible for faculty appointment, promotion and tenure decisions. A student maybe promoted to a Member status, upon recommendation of a KIHA Member and approval by the Membership Committee for extensive involvement in KIHA activities.


A membership committee will consist of three members who are appointed by the director for three-year appointments. The appointments will be staggered so that a new committee member is appointed every year. Upon committee recommendation, the director will provide final approval for Affiliates and Members. The coordinator will process complete applications from students. For student applications that present questions, the coordinator may consult with the membership committee and director.

All Student, Affiliates, and Members will receive a letter confirmation with description of benefits, expectations and the procedures for contacting KIHA.

Application forms may be completed online through a link on the website or by downloading a Word Document that can be submitted in paper. We will gather consistent information across membership categories. Applications may be completed by self-nomination or by nomination by another individual.

No fee for membership will be charged.

Application information will include:

  • Contact information.
  • Preferences for sharing one's contact information in the directory.
  • Preferences for participation in KIHA activities (i.e., mentor students, present on age-related topics, collaborate on research, review pilot grants, mentor new members in aging research, support administrative tasks, share work to be featured in KIHA publications).
  • Keywords regarding area(s) of expertise.
  • Either NIH-style biosketch, 4-page curriculum vitae, or resume / organizational description.