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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Josef Korbel School students

About our School

Give to the Josef Korbel School

The success of our students, graduates and faculty is impressive, but the scale and pace of change in our world demand even more skilled professionals and scholars. To continue our strong legacy of training and preparing the next generation requires an investment in global leadership. We need your support in funding our school's priorities. 

  • Priority 1: People
    • Scholarships - We need to increase scholarship and funding opportunities for our doctoral, international and master's students as well as undergraduates pursuing the international studies degree and global opportunities.
    • Internships - Supporting student internships allows students to apply what they learn in the classroom, explore a career path, and make valuable career connections.  Most students are required to complete an internship and most are unpaid.
    • Faculty - We must continue to attract and retain the most talented and innovative faculty who will inspire and help shape the career trajectories of our students.

  • Priority 2: Programs
    • Centers, institutes and clinics - The Korbel School is home to a number of research programs that add depth and breadth to the School's commitment to integrate teaching, research and practical problem-solving. 

Korbel students, graduates and faculty are putting their intellectual capital to work to solve global problems by improving the human condition, enhancing human security and advancing human prosperity. This is our moment—will you be a part of it?