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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

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In addition to overseeing the Josef Korbel School as its dean, Ambassador Christopher R. Hill is a highly-sought public speaker and voice in the media on international affairs. He is also a monthly columnist for Project Syndicate and the author of Outpost: A Diplomat At Work.

Online links to articles and videos are included when they are available.

media archives

May 2016

Falluja Assault: Iraqi Military Moves Against IS, Dean Christopher Hill, BBC News, May 22

Donald Trump Met With Kissinger on Foreign Policy, Dean Christopher Hill, CBSNews Live, May 18

Korea Worker's Party Congress, Dean Christopher Hill, CNN, May 5

Donald Trump's Remarks On South Korea's Nuclear Armament (podcast), Dean Christopher Hill, tbs eFM, May 4

April 2016

The Kingdom and the Power, Dean Christopher Hill, Project Syndicate, April 27

Trump Struggles to Explain 'America First' Policy, Dean Christopher Hill, Associated Press and multiple media outlets, April 27

North Korea Launched Missile from Submarine, Dean Christopher Hill, CNN, April 23

Can POTUS Fix Relationship With Saudi Arabia? Dean Hill, CBS News, April 20

Expecting the Unexpected in America, Dean Christopher Hill, The Denver Post via Project Syndicate, April 10

'There's a Lot to Do Out There,' Dean Christopher Hill, ASU Now, April 7

Special Report on North Korea's Nuclear Threat, Dean Christopher Hill, The Washington Times, April 1

March 2016

Expecting the Unexpected in America, Dean Christopher Hill, Project Syndicate, March 30

Trump Comments Raise Concern in Asia, Dean Christopher Hill, CNN, March 28

Terrorist Attacks in Brussels, MSNBC, Dean Christopher Hill, March 26

Terrorist Attacks in Brussels: Diplomatic Perspective, Dean Christopher Hill, 850 KOA Newsradio, March 23

Tragedy in Brussels: How Will the U.S. React? Dean Christopher Hill, Bloomberg Business-Bloomberg Markets, March 22

Ambassador Chris Hill on Brussels Attacks, Threat of Islamic State, Dean Christopher Hill, Bloomberg Politics-With All Due Respect, March 22

Brussels Has Become a Target of Terrorism, But Why? Dean Christopher Hill, Denver 7 News, March 22

Former Ambassador to Iraq Gives Insight to Belgium Tragedy, Dean Christopher Hill, 9News, March 22

The Heat: Exploring DPRK Nuclear Actions, Dean Christopher Hill, CCTV America, March 9

What Would a President Trump Mean For the World? Dean Christopher Hill, CNN, March 2

February 2016

Iraq Bombing at Shiite Funeral, Dean Christopher Hill, Al Jazeera, February 29

North Korea's Nuclear Tests, Dean Christopher Hill, People's Daily, February 26

South Korea's Rude Awakening, Dean Christopher Hill, Project Syndicate, February 23

Despite Deadly Strike, US Wary of Libya Engagement: Experts, Dean Christopher HIll, Agence-France Press, February 19

What Hope for Peace in Syria? Dean Christopher Hill, BBC World Service (Radio 4), February 18

Russia Rejects War Crime Claims Over Bombing of Syria Health Facilities, Dean Christopher Hill, MSN News, February 16

Attacks on Syrian Hospitals, Dean Christopher Hill, BBC World Service (Radio 4), February 15 (link available until March 15, 2016)

North Korea Launches Rocket, US and South Korea Formalize Missile Shield Talks, Dean Christopher Hill, Washington Times, February 7

Hill: Launch a 'Military Testing Program,' Dean Christopher Hill, CNN, February 6

North Korea Missile Test, BBC World Service Radio, Dean Christopher Hill, February 6

January 2016

Nuclear Diplomacy's Next Stop, Project Syndicate, January 26, 2016

US Says Iran Has Scaled Back Nuke Program, MSNBC Live with Jose Diaz-Balart, January 19, 2016

Iran's Release of US Hostages, MSNBC Morning Joe, January 18, 2016

North Korea's Nuclear Test, Dean Christopher Hill, Shenzhen Media Group (China), January 15

Cooperation Among US, South Korea, China Key to Denuclearization, Envoy Says, Voice of America, January 14, 2016

Dayton Peace Accords at 20, Dean Christopher Hill, WBUR Boston, January 13

North Korea's Nuclear Test, Fox Business After the Bell, The Mainichi Shimbun Newspaper, January 7, 2016

North Korea's Nuclear Test, 850 KOA, National Public Radio Here and Now, CNBC, Denver 7 ABC News, France 24 TV, Bloomberg News, Fox31 Denver, CBS 4 Denver, CNN The Lead, Tokyo TV, Australia, CNN The World Right Now, CBC Canada, MSNBC Meet the Press, Al Jazeera, BBC Radio 4 Today, CNN International, January 6, 2016

North Korea's Nuclear Test, BBC World News TV, BBC Radio, CNN International, January 5, 2016

Iran's Reaction to Saudi Execution of Shiite Cleric, MSNBC, January 3, 2016

November 2015

November 20, 2015, Fox Business News, Sunni States Need to Take More Responsibility for Extremism

November 20, 2015, Project Syndicate, Syria's Two Wars

November 19, 2015, U.N. Dispatch, Syria Diplomacy After the Paris Attacks: Is a Dayton-style Peace Accord in the Works?

November 17, 2015, Denver 7 News, White House Holds Call with 34 Governors on Syrian Refugees; Hickenlooper Included

November 16, 2015, MSNBC, Is the Current Strategy Enough to Defeat ISIS?

November 15, 2015, Fox News Sunday Morning Futures, Exclusive: Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Talks ISIS Threat

October 2015

October 28, 2015, Colorado Public Radio, Former Ambassador Christopher Hill Discusses Situation in Syria

October 28, 2015, Project Syndicate, America's Syria Non-Policy

October 22, 2015, The Korea Times, U.S. 'Prepared to Pursue Peace Treaty' with N. Korea Given Denuclearization

October 15, 2015, MSNBC, Obama Extends America's Longest War

October 11, 2015, Al Jazeera America, U.S.-South Korea Alliance

October 4, 2015, Fox News Sunday Morning Futures, How Does Russian Intervention in Syria Shift U.S. Strategy?

March 2015

March 29, 2015, WIBC,  Former Ambassador: Iran Deal Will Be Tough Sell

March 26, 2015, Project Syndicate,  Northeast Asia’s Shared Destiny

March 22, 2015, CNN,  Why Putin's hosting Kim Jong Un

March 17, 2015, WUSF,  Former U.S. Ambassador Talks Diplomacy

March 15, 2015, Herald-Tribune,  Diplomat to reflect on the risks and rewards of foreign service

March 15, 2015, 9News, Balance of Power: Enemies foreign and domestic?

March 9, 2015, Huffington Post, Christopher Hill: A Diplomat at Work 

March 6, 2015, MSNBC, Questions raised about security for US diplomats overseas

March 6, 2015, How Safe are U.S. Diplomats, WWNO,  How Safe Are U.S. Diplomats?  

March 4, 2015, The Washington Times, U.S., China, South Korea should prepare for North Korea’s collapse, ex-envoy says

March 4, 2015, Voice of America,  Former US Negotiator Pessimistic on Peace Prospects in Korea

March 13, 2015, MSNBC, The Beginning of the End of ISIS

December 2014
August 2014

Aug. 25, 2014, Project Syndicate, Iraq after Maliki

Aug. 12, 2014, Fox News, Former US Ambassador on the fight for Iraq's life

Aug. 11, 2014, MSNBC, Iraqi president announces new prime minister

Aug. 11, 2014, Wall Street Journal, Nominee to Replace Maliki as Iraqi Premier Is Seen as Less Divisive

Aug. 10, 2014, ABC This Week, Crisis in Iraq: How long will U.S. be Involved

Aug. 10, 2014, Voice of America, U.S. Engagement in Iraq Continues

Aug. 10, 2014, The Hill,Former Iraq ambassador: Internationalize response to ISIS

Aug. 10, 2014, Politico, Ham: Airstrikes have 'given pause' to ISIL

Aug. 10, 2014, Politico, Partisan divide on Iraq actions

Aug. 8, 2014, Wall Street Journal, For Obama, Iraq Move Is a Policy Reversal

Aug. 8, 2014, CS Monitor, US authorizes airstrikes in Iraq as Islamic militants menace minorities

Aug. 7, 2014, MSNBC, Obama ‘authorizes two operations in Iraq’

Aug. 5, 2014, CCTV, Christopher Hill talks about cease-fire between Israel and Hamas

July 2014

July 29, 2014, Project Syndicate,  The end of the Arab State

July 3, 2014, Al Jazeera, Can politics tame Iraq's militias?

June 2014
April 2014

April 30, 2014, CSPAN, Former U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Christopher Hill Talks About the Time His Motorcade Was Attacked by an IED

April 28, 2014, The New York Times,  The Case for Disobedience

April 21, 2014, The New York Times, Obama's Strategic Shift to Asia Is Hobbled by Pressure at Home and Crises Abroad

April 21, 2014, Project Syndicate, The End of the New World Order

April 5, 2014, MSNBC, U.S. Role in Afghanistan Elections and Ukraine 

April 3, 2014, The Daily Princetonian,  Former ambassador Christopher Hill speaks on foreign policy

March 2014

March 24, 2014, MSNBC, Putin's power play puts Russia on the outs

March 21, 2014, Bowdoin News,  Bowdoin Announces 2014 Honorary Degree Recipients

March 21, 2014, Project Syndicate, Reckoning with Russia

March 21, 2014, BSANNA News, Hill: Macedonia acts as NATO member and should be accepted as such

March 17, 2014, MSNBC, Cooperation key in Malaysia flight search

March 16, 2014, The Aaron Harbor Show, Asian Affairs & Protecting the U.S. Abroad

March 10, 2014, MSNBC, What should US focus be in Ukraine crisis?

March 6, 2014, CNN, New Russia sanctions won't have much effect

February 2014
October 2013

October 25, 2013, CCTV, China-U.S. Crisis Management

October 24, 2013, Project Syndicate, The Obama Anti-Doctrine

October 18, 2013, The Standard, Patience with Kim Fading

October 17, 2013, Bloomberg Television, How Easy Is It to Do Business in North Korea?

October 13, 2013, CRI English, Christopher Hill on China U.S. Ties

October 9, 2013, CSU Collegian, Former U.S. Ambassador addresses Syria issues to CSU Crowd

October 1, 2013, Denver Post, Korbel School dean Christopher Hill makes new friends in Colorado Springs

September 2013

September 24, 2013, Business Week, US experts: NKorea can likely build key nuke parts

September 22, 2013, Yonhap News, Hill: N. Korea not serious about talks, but U.S. has no other option

September 19, 2013, CCTV, Denuclearization Dialogue: Six-Party Talks

September 18, 2013, Project Syndicate, The Geneva Conversion

September 18, 2013, The Colorado Springs Gazette, Former Ambassador Urges U.S. Diplomatic Engagement in Middle East

September 11, 2013, NPR, Kerry's Meeting With Russian Is Next Key Moment In Syria Crisis

September 5, 2013, PBS Newshour, Should U.S. Spend More Time Working Out 'Diplomatic Architecture' on Syria?

September 4, 2013, Voice of America, Ambassador Christopher Hill and General Anthony Zinni on Syria

August 2013
April 2013

April 30, 2013, Fox News Radio, Ambassador Christopher Hill On Syria

April 24, 2013, Project Syndicate, How to Move China

April 15, 2013, CNN, Will North Korea's young leader sit up and listen to China?

April 10, 2013, Worldview, Former U.N. Ambassador Christopher Hill on the Korea Crisis

April 9, 2013, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, North Korea: Behind the Bamboo Curtain

April 6, 2013, Quartz, Former US official: N orth Korean leader is one of the more pathetic heads of state

April 4, 2013, CNN, Special 6pm ET edition of the Situation Room: North Korean Crisis

March 2013

March 30, 2013, ABC News (Australia), Tension rising between North Korea and US

March 30, 2013, Washington Post, Aggressive talk from North Korea concerns U.S. leaders

March 27, 2013, CNN Newsroom, Analysis: What's Kim Jong Un up to?

March 27, 2013, Al Jazeera English, US 'shock and audit' over Iraq expenses

March 19, 9News Denver, Iraq War 10 year anniversary reflections

March 18, 2013, Project Syndicate, From War of Choice to War Without End

March 16, 2013, AFP, Costly Iraq war left US no stronger in Middle East

March 15, 2013, HuffPost Live, When Diplomacy Fails

March 14, 2013, AFP, Ten years on, Iraq haunts US response to Syria, Iran

March 12, 2013, Los Angeles Times, U.S. issues new sanctions after North Korea 'scraps' armistice

March 7, 2013, PRI's The World, US Ready for North Korean Attack

June 2012

June 15, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, shares his thoughts with Project-Syndicate in "Where Are the Syrian Peacemakers?"

April 2012

April 26, 2012,, "The Chinese are on the hot seat," says Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill during interview with Donald Kirk with The Christian Science Monitor.

April 25, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, says "North is relic of China's past, not asset for its future," at the 2012 Asan Plenum, a three-day international forum on global challenges.

April 25, 2012, Yonhap News, "I think it is correct to be concerned that the next nuclear test will be somehow different and bigger than previous nuclear tests," Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill tells Yonhap News Agency in an interview in Seoul.

April 18, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, shares his thoughts with Project-Syndicate in "Is North Korea losing China?"

April 16, 2012, C-SPAN, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill discusses North Korea's failed rocket launch with C-SPAN.

April 15, 2012, Arirang News, Dean Hill quoted in Korea's Arirang News article; "UNSC Statement Against N. Korea Seems Imminent.

April 13, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill featured in this PBS NewsHour video discussing North Korea's recent missile failure.

April 13, 2012,, 64th Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, Christopher Hill discuss foreign policy at the University of Denver.

April 13, 2012,,  Dean Christopher Hill speaks with 9news about the nuclear testing in North Korea.  

April 9, 2012,, Dean Christopher Hill discusses North Korea's rocket launch, in, "Birthday launch masks North Korea's struggles within."

March 2012

March 22, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, has "Forgotten Foreign Policy" featured on

March 21, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, shares his thoughts with on "Forgotten Foreign Policy."

March 1, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses North Korea’s agreement with the U.S. to suspend major elements of its atomic weapons program.

March 1, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, speaks with Aljazeera about North Korea's agreement to suspend its enrichment program along with nuclear and long-range missile tests, and to let United Nations nuclear inspectors monitor the deal.

February 2012

February 29, 2012, The World Tonight, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, speaks with The World News Tonight about North Korea's agreement to suspend uranium enrichment and the testing of long-range missiles.

February 22, 2012, The Denver Post, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill and U.S. Senator Mark Udall speak briefly about international affairs with the Denver Post.

February 22, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, sits on national security forum/panel discussion, hosted by Senator Mark Udall.

February 22, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, participates on national security forum and panel discussion, hosted by Senator Mark Udall.

February 15, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, writes on the importance of Sino-American relations.

February 8, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, says Chinese Vice President's visit will "really help" Sino-American relations.

February 7, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, articipates in commemoration of 40 year anniversary of Shanghai Communique.

February 7, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, says US doesn't want to contain China.

January 2012

January 19, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses Iraq's domestic political situation.

January 19 2012, DU Today, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses the "fresh starts" in Iraq and North Korea.

January 17, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses the legacy of the late Richard Holbrooke with the Council on Foreign Relations.

January 4, 2012,, Josef Korbel School Dean, Christopher Hill, discusses Kiro Gilgorov, Macedonia's Man of Peace