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iDE is dedicated to creating income and livelihood opportunities for poor rural households. By increasing access to markets and affordable agricultural inputs and sanitation systems, iDE supports smallholder farmers in participating effectively in high-value agriculture market systems. iDE’s first point of entry is assessing what is missing in the market and learning what customer really want using the Human Centered Design methodology. Implementation from this process increases the capacity of local supply chains to provide last mile customers with affordable and appropriate technologies. By facilitating access to technologies like drip irrigation, latrines, solar pumps, and water filters, iDE empowers farmers to increase their own food security and incomes. Building on 30 years of experience in designing and implementing creative approaches to income-generation, iDE currently operates pro-poor programming through 11 country programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.



Innovation through Rural Prosperity: This is three country program in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Cambodia designed to reach 25,000 smallholder farm families. The program will achieve this through targeted investments in training and developing smallholder-oriented private sector product and service providers, who will continue to provide products and services after the end of program funding, reaching another 75,000 customers by 2020.

Multiple Use Systems and Manual Well-Drilling in Ethiopia: This project develops Multiple Use Systems, focusing on manual well-drilling and irrigation technologies. It has reached more than 10,000 households through a rural marketing campaign, built a local supply chain for water pumps, and has trained input suppliers, micro-irrigation dealers, and treadle pump installers on product promotion geared to smallholder irrigation.

Agri-Hub FBA Model: iDE Mozambique has established its Farm Business Advisor (FBA) model and Agri-Hub concept toward building a fully integrated, financially stable system enabling farmer productivity. Agri-Hub establishes partnerships to develop supply chains that give farmers access to productive inputs and the microfinance tools to purchase them, as well as to output markets to sell their produce.

Toro Drip Irrigation: iDE, partnering with Toro Irrigation, has developed affordable irrigation kits for poor, smallholder farmers in Zambia. iDE and Toro will distribute demonstration kits in Zambia and use iDE’s Human Centered Design (HCD) toolkit to tailor the irrigation kit to customer needs, resulting in the production of the new kits and sales of at least 100 kits by the end of the pilot project.



iDE is always looking for qualified interns to work and gain experience in fields ranging from business development, communications, to supply chain management. Interns will work with people from around the world, coordinating with iDE’s international staff on multiple projects. Students who are interested in agriculture and sanitation development will work with professionals with years of experience and work on projects that will impact thousands, if not millions of people. There are multiple opportunities to volunteer as well. Students can help out at events or with donor campaigns, giving them an opportunity to meet development professionals and learn more about the organization.



Dave Schutz, Business Development Manager | | 720-588-3545

Address: 1031 33rd St #270, Denver, CO 80205

Simwatachela Sustainable Agriculture and Arts Program



Simwatachela Sustainable Agricultural and Arts Program (SSAAP),, is a project uniquely created and chiseled by former Peace Corps volunteer Heather Cumming. Its purpose is to, on a grassroots level, improve the livelihoods of people in the rural areas of both Zambia and Sierra Leone. The primary projects are to work with sustainable water solutions, such as hand-dug or machine-drilled wells; animal-rearing projects (cows, pigs, goats, chickens); educational workshops in health: sanitation and hygiene, hand-washing, and dental care; promoting artisans through providing avenues for the sale of works produced by local artisans; education for school children grades 1-7 in Zambia and 1-12 in Sierra Leone; and Ebola-related issues in Sierra Leone.



Sustainable Agriculture: In 2008, the Simwatachela community of Southern Province, Zambia and Chief Simwatachela granted SSAAP 140 hectares of land on which to develop a sustainable agriculture program aimed at remedying food security issues in the village and supplying the area with potable water.

Water: In an area of scarcity, a consistent water source is a lynchpin issue for both rural . SSAAP is currently working to implement a water harvesting system that will catalyze its sustainable agriculture program.

Other Projects: SSAAP additionally focuses on: Women’s Empowerment in both Zambia and Sierra Leone through workshops on civil, domestic, and human rights; The sponsorship of children - particularly girls - attending schools; The United Children Student Exchange, which promotes interaction across cultures between children in the U.S.A. and either Simwatachela, Zambia or Moyamba, Sierra Leone; and educational workshops in which participants may learn about hand-washing skills, basic sanitation and hygiene, and dental care.



Fundraising Volunteers/Interns: This position is regularly sought to help execute fundraising events and initiatives for SSAAP in the U.S.A.

Grant-Writer: For assistance in writing grants tailored towards improving the water situation in both communities in Zambia and Sierra Leone.

Volunteers: Willing to come to either Sierra Leone or to Zambia to promote or execute any of the above-mentioned projects, as well to design a new project that would be beneficial to the community.



Heather C. Cumming, Executive Director | | 303-408-5775

Address: 2845 Golden Wheat Lane, Fort Collins, CO 80528

Transformational Ventures



Transformational Ventures works with business people to launch and grow quadruple bottom line businesses (purpose, people, planet, profit) throughout Africa and beyond. Our approach is both holistic and collaborative.  We pursue impact for each person physically, emotionally, and spiritually and we collaborate with church leaders, anti-traffickers, community developers, and others to cultivate holistic change. We work closely with our parent organization, WorldVenture, to build on its 70+ years experience in more than 70 countries.



• Raising capital to launch a water business project in Nairobi, Kenya.

• Working closely with various business initiatives in Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Kenya, Mozambique, North Africa and Uganda.

• Preparing for T-Ventures “Basic Training” weekend in March 2015. 

• Participating in the May 16-17 Colfax Marathon to raise funds and awareness. We invite you to join our team! (many options: 5K, urban 10 miler, half marathon, marathon, marathon relay, or volunteer!)



Transformational Ventures is looking for a volunteer/part-time intern who will assist with various administrative responsibilities, including: special events, social media, website, database, and communication.           



Melissa Schaap, Connections and Partnerships Manager| | 303-909-7590

Address: 1501 W. Mineral Avenue, Littleton, CO  80120