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Agile International



Agile International’s (Action to Generate and Integrate the Local Economy) mission is to return Western Africa to food abundance by empowering local women farmers and restoring the cultural wisdom that underlies traditional sustainable agriculture. We seek to break free from the endless cycle of foreign aid and food imports by producing nutritious food, generating enough income to support and educate children, and preserving the cultures and customs that create strong families and communities.



Beginning in Mali, Agile International will develop its self-sustaining model of advancing food security from which other social benefits will arise. This model will extend to the rest of the region to bring a peaceful harvest of non-confrontational changes that will bring hope to the lives of women and children while creating growth in an economically stunted area. Agile has partnered with Colorado State University in order to provide agricultural training to young women, thus raising social consciousness about the necessity of sustainable and organic farming.



Our efforts and collaborations are dynamic and team focused. We are developing a model to lay a strong foundation for our training initiatives. This model for success focuses on five major components; soil management/agriculture, access to water, renewable energy, transportation, and construction. We invite you to join us as we put our creative minds together to develop an innovative project framework at the forefront of sustainable agriculture! We are seeking students dedicated to help us to grow food, nourish minds, and flourish the culture of Mali and all of Western Africa. We offer internship and volunteer opportunities that focus on development support; grant writing, research, and social media.



Fatou Doumbia|

Address: 1630A 30th St, Suite# 437, Boulder, Colorado 80301


Women's Global Empowerment Fund



Women’s Global Empowerment Fund (WGEF) was founded in 2007 and works to reach women recovering from a brutal conflict in northern Uganda through microfinance loans and education programs, while creating opportunities to strengthen families and communities. WGEF provides women with a framework, through the Credit Plus Model, to create viable opportunities for themselves and their families.  The Credit Plus Model combines microcredit services with social capital opportunities to create a single service vehicle to help women in underserved areas.



The Credit Plus Program: The program combines microcredit services with literacy, leadership development, and health initiatives. Clients will receive a microcredit loan bundled with social and educational services, allowing them to create an opportunity for sustainability, increased food security, better health, and empowerment.

Agricultural Project: This project provides women with agricultural loans, training, and support, ensuring that our clients are able to successfully plant, grow, and harvest their crops. As of March 2011, WGEF has given out 260+ agro loans to women growing a diversity of crops, including: cassava, beans, and potatoes. Our clients have also started an agricultural union with WGEF’s support and are working towards making it legal. WGEF is committed to financing the union for one year and then the women will fund the union through member dues.

Leadership Development: WGEF believes that women are natural leaders, and when offered opportunities and access, will be a force for peace, equality and sustainable development. Our goal is to continue to our LD programs, including our upcoming 7th annual Creating a Voice for Women Festival and community events on October 3 & 4.

Literacy: To date WGEF has provided over 750 women access to literacy education! This year we continued to provide classes twice a week, beginning and advanced level in several areas around the region. When a women learns to read and write, her whole world changes; possibilities are opportunities are create



Internships: Student internships vary depending on the need at the time of the internship. Potential activities include but are not limited to: project or grant research, donor relations, event planning/attending, social media and communication strategies, and general office support.

Volunteers are also welcome!



Karen Sugar, Executive Director |

Address: PO Box 6283, Denver, CO 80206