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Build Love Restore Elder Care



BLR, Inc., Service to Ethiopia's Elders, operates in the regions of Addis Ababa, Gojam and Assossa, Ethiopia, providing care and support to elders that are homeless and impoverished. Many of these elders do not have any support system, no income or resources to depend on, nor the ability to support themselves, often due to poor health.  Our projects provide a safe haven and a sense of belonging to a community, bringing dignity back to their lives. 



Eden Cottage: Eden Cottage is the first senior care center of its design and service, in the country. This is our phase II project, where we are rescuing elders out of homelessness into a beautiful group home.

Coffee time: This gathering provides our residents a chance to come together and engage in conversation about daily living, their challenges and to share their past experiences.  In this gathering, they encourage and support one another.  It is also a wonderful way for our staff to learn about their concerns and wishes. We do the best we can to find solutions to their concerns and to address their questions. The residents look forward to the coffee time as their social and leisure time.

Reading time: Eden Cottage residents have a small library of books they can choose from to read independently or as a group.  Often, they will have a group discussion based on what they have read. These activities support their sense of community and understanding of one another.

Co-op ladies: Twelve to fourteen ladies meet every day in a makeshift container shelter, where they make cotton fabric used for national traditional Ethiopian clothing; beautiful scarves and throw blankets known as Gabi.

Assossa: It is an area we recently adopted as a result of our collaboration with another international nonprofit that has done work in the region.  Although there is rapid growth, Assossa is desolate and the elder community is in even worse condition than those in urban areas.  The region is small, contributing to a tight knit community which is a benefit to the elders that live alone or on the streets.  The area families look after those without extended families of their own.  We have acquired a piece of land on which to build a senior care center; the first of the region, to address the, up to now, neglected needs of the elder community.  We are looking forward to being able to replicate the services we offer in Addis, to the Assossa region.

Debre- Markos: This is another region in which we have been given the opportunity to expand our services.  The elders in this region have a somewhat similar situation to those in Assossa. The community is very supportive and acts as their extended family.



BLR offers home health care training, including nutrition, to staff and volunteers. We plan to take a group of volunteers for a mission trip, in 2015, to strengthen current projects, explore possible outreach areas and, hopefully, extend our reach to support more individuals through our mission. We pray with hope that we can offer a hand of mercy and love. Through faith in action to serve the elders of the area villages by implementing and strengthening our projects in the various areas.  We also offer opportunity and a challenge to those with hearts ignited with passion to sponsor elders, so that we can sustain the desperately needed services to those already under the BLR umbrella. Also, we wish to increase the number of homeless elders we serve, by 10-20 or more during our mission trip scheduled in 2015.  We trust that God has a purpose and design in giving us this opportunity: to be the voice for the voiceless and to bring hope to the hopeless.



Mamay Worku, Founder and President|

Address: PO Box 39151, Denver, CO 80239



Global Dental Relief

At Global Dental Relief (GDR) our mission is to bring free dental care to children throughout the world.
Volunteer dentists, hygienists, assistants and non-dental volunteers deliver treatment and preventive care in dental clinics that serve children in schools, orphanages, and remote villages.
With a vision to transform lives and cultivate community through volunteerism, GDR provides opportunities for diverse groups of volunteers to explore the world and bring free dental care and oral hygiene education to thousands of impoverished children in Nepal, India, Guatemala, Cambodia, and Kenya.

Every year we have over 20 dental clinics planned in the six countries we serve. Check for current trip dates and project fees.

• We welcome students to volunteer in our clinics overseas. Students must fill out an application and pay the project fee like a normal volunteer. The project fee for the fourteen-day Kenya trip is $2,725 not including international airfare. Students work in the dental clinic for five days and then participate in a safari in Masai Mara National Park. In the clinic, students might assist a dentist or hygienist, sterilize instruments, apply fluoride varnish, teach oral hygiene education, or manage the charts and kids in line. It’s great hands-on-experience in global health at the local level.

• Students may also intern in our Denver office not far from DU’s campus. We require a commitment of at least 6 months. Students will have the opportunity to support GDR’s fundraising, outreach, or programs.

Katy Troyer, Associate Director and Korbel alum | | 303-858-8857

Address: 4105 East Florida Avenue, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80222


African Initiatives and The Office of Career and Professional Development at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies neither endorse nor recommend any particular program, organization, opportunity, project, or event; and they do not offer any guarantee as to the information, products or any other services provided. They recommend that individuals do independent research regarding these career-related services.




International Midwife Assistance (IMA) is a charitable, nonprofit, humanitarian organization. IMA is secular and non-political. Our mission is to raise the standard of maternal/infant care in developing nations and areas experiencing crises in maternal/infant care. We place midwives and other healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics and homes to provide care. IMA trains midwives and other healthcare workers and delivers medical supplies, medications, and teaching aids. IMA gives slideshows and educational presentations to increase awareness about maternal/infant care.



In 2006, IMA was invited to Soroti, Uganda, to work with a forgotten population. Former internally displaced persons, 80 percent of whom are women and children, are subsisting in dire poverty at the southern edge of a northern conflict. There is no other program offering comprehensive free medical care – maternity and birth services, family planning, medications and vaccinations. IMA manages a medical center, the Teso Safe Motherhood Project, which has gained the respect of local government, the community and fellow nongovernmental organizations. During the past five years, we have served more than 100,000 patients, and many lives have been saved. For instance, local health officials have credited the health center’s work with eradicating Pertussis (whooping cough) from the sub-county of Kamuda. TSMP health center offers medical care with an emphasis on maternity and family planning. During patient visits in our clinic and medical outreach trips, in which our staff renders compassionate care in remote communities, we craft our services to meet the needs of the local population.



IMA offers internship opportunities to responsible, self-motivated graduate-level students. As a small, flexible nonprofit organization, students can get involved in many aspects of management and program operation from Colorado. We are open to crafting an opportunity that matches the interests and skills of students with our organizational needs. Some areas we desire help include fundraising, event planning, public relations, graphic design, social media, videography and program research. We allow students to work independently from their home and create project-based opportunities built upon a completion deadline. As a results-focused organization, we provide only the supervision necessary to successfully complete the job. Occasional travel to Longmont and Boulder may be required.



Jeni Harger, Program Associate|

Address: PO Box 916, Boulder, CO 80306



Project CURE

Project CURE collects and distributes medical supplies worldwide to communities in need using a targeted needs assessment. The organization's headquarters are in Centennial, Colorado. Distribution centers are located there, and in Houston, Phoenix, and Nashville, with collection centers located nation-wide. Numerous African communities are served, including in Zimbabwe, Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia/Somaliland.



The Denver Hospice



Since 2001, The Denver Hospice (TDH) has promoted Africa’s nascent hospice movement through its partnership with Selian Lutheran Hospice in Arusha, Tanzania. Selian serves more than 5,400 patients suffering from HIV, tuberculosis, cancer, and other diseases. Eleven clinical staff and more than 350 volunteers provide medications, basic food supplies, and social and spiritual support for the terminally ill, while simultaneously supporting AIDS orphans in the area. Selian was the model and clinical training center for 16 new hospice programs in Tanzania. TDH raises funds and provides grant-writing assistance for Selian. Additionally, staff members from TDH travel to Tanzania, while staff from Selian periodically visits Denver; maintaining a close relationship and exchange of ideas.



Fundraising: TDH has raised over $500,000 for Selian through events and donation drives. Additionally, a large portion has come from optional employee payroll deductions. Selian’s current focus is on developing and expanding programs for pediatric hospice patients, grieving children, and orphan support.

Staff Visits to Arusha: During biannual trips, TDH staff and volunteers observe home visits and experience hospice delivery in a setting with meager resources and myriad patients. They also attend Day Clinics - held once weekly at rotating sites - in which patients receive essential items such as clothing, food, and soap, as well as holistic care.

Hosting Selian Staff: Biannually, TDH hosts two Selian staff members, who come to raise funds and awareness, and learn about hospice care in the United States. When possible, the visitors attend hospice conferences. The opportunity for travel to America has bolstered Selian’s recruitment and retention of staff in Tanzania.

Microfinance: TDH supports and assists Selian in launching and locating microfinance resources for patient and/or caregiver groups in Tanzania.



Internships, Volunteer Opportunities, and Research: The Denver Hospice anticipates needs for student engagement in numerous areas, including Videography and Photography, Fundraising Development, Country Visits, Applied Research, Grant/Funding Research, and Microfinance Research.



Lisa Motz-Storey | | 720-985-3046 | 303-807-8764



The Mango Project



The Mango Project (TMP) is a development partnership in the West Nile region of Uganda, Africa. The aim of the project is to fight against malnutrition and empower local families by establishing a village to village mango preservation business. TMP was born out of personal relationships in Uganda that date back to 2003 and is passionate about sustainability and local Ugandan ownership. TMP is registered in Uganda, as a Ugandan owned and managed LLC called "Mikiga."



• Increasing preservation capacity in local villages of Yumbe District

• Maintenance and growth of our 4.5 acre mango orchard designed to the future of fruit preservation and nutrition initiatives.

• In collaboration with Global Health Perspectives at Denver School of Nursing and the University of Colorado, research and nutrition investigators are initiating a research study for TMP to analyze baseline maternal and child nutrition status in cities of Kampala, Arua, and Yumbe. This is a baseline study that will guide nutrition intervention of TMP and will lead to further studies in the years to follow.



New Website: The framework of a new TMP website has been built by a Denver based web designer, and now the TMP board is actively working to edit, move, and revamp text , image, and video content into the new site for an ideal launch date of January 2014. Korbel intern involvement in website navigation, editing, and flow would be greatly appreciated. <p)• TMP Videography- in June 2013 hours of HD video interviews were conducted with religious, political, and project leaders. Editing of audio, video, and mailchimp / fundraiser rollout of content is in process. Any Korbel students with passion for videography and or background in editing would be greatly appreciated.

Spring Fundraiser Event: Planning of a galla fundraising event is in process. TMP has connections with Snooze downtown, and is in the planning phase of preparing for our Spring Fundraiser Event. TMP has discussed hiring an event planner for this event, and a Korbel intern would be more than eligible to apply for this event planning role or assisting in the event from initial planning through execution.



Micah Hughes, Executive Director/Director of Global Health Perspectives – Denver School of Nursing | | 773-504-2283



Village Health Partnership



The Village Health Partnership (VHP) is a Denver-based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that works for safer motherhood in rural Ethiopia. The mission of VHP is to prevent maternal and neonatal death in childbirth, and to treat and prevent gynecologic complications of childbirth. We fund programs that involve 1) capacity building and 2) healthcare, including medical education and training, treatment, and prevention. All programs are based on and driven by working partnerships with local communities.


Capacity Building
Working with government officials and healthcare providers, we have begun to create a regional referral center for women's health at the Mizan Aman General (MAG) Hospital, in the Bench Maji Zone. The hospital serves 2.5 million people in southwestern Ethiopia.

Last year, we purchased and installed a generator that provides electricity for surgery, labor and delivery, and the hospital wards. We are finishing construction of a 48-bed Maternity Waiting Area. The facility is scheduled to be completed in October of 2015. When fully functional, it will provide women with high risk pregnancies a place to stay before and after delivery.

Over the next several years, we will initiate a 3-phase capital construction project. Phase one will focus on constructing, equipping, and staffing a new building that will house the obstetric, neonatal and pediatric wards, labor and delivery with operating rooms for cesarean section, and outpatient clinics focused on maternal health.

Medical Education & Training
We have begun to lay the groundwork for a medical education and training program in emergency obstetric care and neonatal resuscitation in the Bench Maji Zone. In February of 2016, we will begin training medical providers using the core curriculum of Helping Babies Breathe and Essential Care for Every Baby (neonatal resuscitation and care) at the MAG Hospital and three surrounding rural health centers.

Through our Screen, Transport and Treat (STT) Program in Western Wollega, we work closely with the Western Wollega Bethel Synod Development and Social Service Commission (WWBS DASSC) and providers at Aira Hospital to identify women with gynecologic injuries of childbirth and to then transport them to the hospital where they undergo surgical treatment. We hope to treat 100 women in 2015 and again in 2016.

For progress updates, follow us on Facebook or visit our website:


Internships: Internships: VHP is currently seeking 1-2 qualified individuals to for write a program assessment based on the VHP Board’s annual trip to Ethiopia in February 2016, writing the stories of individual women who were interviewed, compiling the photographs and video, and assisting with developing social media and website content for communications and fundraising. We welcome students who would like to participate in this project as part of their ongoing core curriculum at DU.


Margaret “Migs” Muldrow, MD, Founder and Chair, Board of Directors

1601 E 19th Ave, Suite 4450
Denver, CO 80218

African Initiatives and The Office of Career and Professional Development at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies neither endorse nor recommend any particular program, organization, opportunity, project, or event; and they do not offer any guarantee as to the information, products or any other services provided. They recommend that individuals do independent research regarding these career-related services.