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MISSION: To improve the quality of life in developing communities by pioneering ventures that provide access to appropriate sustainable energy technologies.

VISION: Light in every home, clean air in every kitchen, power in every hand.



Elephant Energy Shops Project: In 2010, EE piloted the Elephant Energy Shops Project, opening our first energy shop in Katima Mulilo, Namibia to distribute appropriate sustainable energy technologies ("ASETs") to the 80,000 people living in the Caprivi Region.  Since then, the program has expanded to include 13 EE Energy Shops operating throughout Northern Namibia. The EE Energy Shops Project aims to develop sustainable business models to meet the needs of off-grid communities in Namibia and Southern Africa by providing access to ASETs.

Women’s Energy Project: Energy poverty primarily affects poor, rural women in Namibia. Many women spend hours collecting wood to cook, reducing the time available for education and income-generation.  Women are also responsible for preparing children for school, tending crops, maintaining the home, and traveling to and from markets, among numerous other tasks that involve energy-use. The Women’s Energy Project inspires rural Namibian women to be leaders in sustainable development through the use and marketing of ASETs.

Eagle Energy on the Navajo Nation: In 2010, Elephant Energy expanded to the Navajo Nation in the United States with the help of a small grant from the University of Colorado and our partners Dine Care.  Eagle Energy (as Elephant Energy is known on the Navajo Nation) is working to address the energy needs of rural Navajo families, an estimated 18,000 of which lack access to electricity, by demonstrating the feasibility of utilizing ASETs, like small solar-powered lights, to meet the energy needs of rural Indian communities.



Research and Grant Writing Intern: Intern will assist in the research and writing of grants to fund projects in order to carry out the mission statement of the organization.  Primary duties and responsibilities include: researching and identifying funding opportunities from major public institutional donors as well as corporations and private foundations, assisting in grant writing processes: from producing letters of inquiry, writing concept papers to submitting full proposals, and preparing cover letters and supporting materials for submission. Applicant must have previous experience writing grants for non-profit organizations.

Fundraising/Community Outreach Intern: This intern will develop and implement a public outreach campaign to enhance the exposure of Elephant Energy in Colorado and will expand the organization’s individual donor base.  Primary duties and responsibilities include conducting outreach to local schools, associations and community/university groups to engage them on Elephant Energy’s priority issues and campaigns, seeking out opportunities for Elephant Energy to speak/table at various fairs and community events, working with marketing team to strategize and implement a variety of communications to elicit new supporters and community partners, plan, develop and establish new techniques for cultivating and retaining our donor base, and other projects according to need and interest. Previous fundraising experience required.



Katie Murphy, Africa Programs Director |

Address: 4369 Xavier St. Denver, CO 80212



The concept of a Center for Appropriate Technology and Indigenous Sustainability (CATIS) is a collaboration of engineering, planning, agricultural, business, and cultural expertise among several international NGOs and individuals to facilitate sustainable ecological and economic development with already existing NGOs (host) that have demonstrated a solid foundation of regional participatory learning and sustainable economic development.

iCATIS is assisting a special project in Muganero, Rwanda. The primary concept of the Birambye Lodge is to develop an economic engine that can sustain the development of educational and economic opportunities in southwest Rwanda. Traditional models require constant sources of donations only to see projects built and deteriorate over time. The Birambye Lodge is pursuing integrating sustainable technologies that are applicable for solving energy and water problems in the region, while generating income for providing educational opportunities for the children of L'Esperance Orphanage.