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Bicycles for Humanity Colorado (B4H) began in 2007 to form a bridge of community sharing between the Front Range and those in need in Africa. The organization collects used bicycles, which are shipped to Africa in order to address a fundamental barrier to the region’s development - mobility. Poor transport systems mean poor access to healthcare, education, and economic opportunities. Bicycles - delivered through community based bike shops - provide sustainable mobility solutions for rural Africans.

The B4H operating model is simple: distribution partners transform the shipped containers into bike shops and disburse the bikes to rural healthcare workers who are tasked to aide medical disbursements for remote HIV and Malaria patients. Healthcare workers can cover four times the ground on bikes compared to on foot. The balance of the bikes is sold and the proceeds are used to operate the shop, fund local medical facilities, and to fund other local projects such as kindergarten schools.



Nkurenkuru, Namibia: In 2008, B4H delivered its first container and helped to set up a bike shop in remote Nkurenkuru, in direct partnership with local volunteers, BEN Namibia, and the Peace Corps. A second shipment arrived in January 2010 for resupply, and the container has been transformed into a kindergarten school which was financed by a share of the bike shop proceeds. B4H now looks to help maintain sales levels to preserve ongoing operation and commitments.

Singalamwe, Namibia: The B4H Shine Bike Shop opened in August of 2009 in partnership with Catholic Aids Action emulating the Nkurenkuru model. The shop has become B4Hʼs most successful, and is a catalyst to explore other business opportunities. The shop team is reviewing infrastructure needs, as well as adjacent business opportunities ahead of moving forward with investing.

Bunya, Namibia: With a container of 401 bikes, a new bike shop opened in November 2010 in partnership with Catholic Aids Action and BEN Namibia. The “empowerment” shop is fully operational and supporting the remote health center. Similar to the Nkurenkuru shop, Bunya shop will assist home based care volunteers and sales proceeds will also support the local health center.

Ndola, Zambia: With Seeds of Hope International Partnership (SHIP) and Zambikes, B4H shipped 400 bikes in January 2011. The proceeds from the bike sales supports Seeds of Hope’s mission to provide access to clean water by paying the costs of 7 wells. Each well provides water for 2000 residents of the slums of Zambia. In partnership there will be 14,000 additional Zambians with access to clean water.

Mfangano Island, Zambia: In late 2011, B4H will ship out to an island in Lake Victoria with 15,000 inhabitants, 1 car and 1 road-ideally suited for bikes. In partnership with Organic Health Response we will operate a bike shop where the proceeds support sustainable farming



Internships: B4H seeks interns in the following programs and sub-programs: Student Leadership Development; In-Region Partner Development Program; Group Fundraising; Community Awareness.



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