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Crisis Engagement & Negotiation Exercise


The Crisis Engagement and Negotiation Exercise (CENEX) is a major crisis-management exercise in which participants assume the roles of states or organizations in an international crisis scenario. The exercise gives participants hands-on experience with true-to-life crisis engagement and negotiation.

Held over a two-day period, the exercise focuses on a highly realistic international crisis scenario, and requires participants to think strategically to solve complex global issues.  CENEX brings together over 100 graduate students from Korbel's eight degree programs.

CENEX exposes students to some of the constraints and opportunities facing policymakers during crisis engagement and negotiation.

As representatives of various national and international teams, we ask participants to make critical decisions in the interest of their respective countries and organizations as they attempt to resolve the crisis.

CENEX 2016 Executive Committee

The CENEX Executive Committee always consists of second year MA students who participated in the previous year's Crisis Simulation Exercise. 

  • Amal Azimova
  • Lee Cotton
  • Rebecca Eggers
  • Lauren Hershey
  • Charlie Kerr 
  • Denise Marton 
  • Naomi McMillen 
  • Frank Talbert 


CENEX was founded in 2011 by four, second-year MA candidates at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies.

  • Clarissa David
    Clarissa graduated from Korbel with an MA in International Security and a Certificate in Humanitarian Assistance. Prior to Korbel, she attended in the University of Washington, where she earned a BA in Cultural Anthropology. She received her officer's commission in the U.S. Air Force in 2001 and served as a mission support officer until 2007. Clarissa has worked as an international trade specialist in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Trade Promotion, International Trade Administration, at the U.S. Department of Commerce.
  • Leah Hapner
    Leah earned her BA in Criminology from the University of Minnesota Duluth before getting her MA in International Security from the Korbel School. Before attending Korbel, Leah gained valuable experience working within the fields of criminal prosecution, criminal defense, and corrections.

  • Shane Eric-Eugene Hensinger
    Shane graduated from the Josef Korbel School with an MA in International Security. Shane earned his BA in International Studies from New York University as a University Honors Scholar. Shane also has extensive experience in information technology, having worked on many projects involving high-level wireless data training, project management, and consulting for various firms including T-Mobile, Nokia, Palm, and Orange Switzerland. 

  • Amelia Jeep
    Before earning her MA at the Korbel School of International Studies (with concentrations in Central Asian security and development), Amelia received her BA in Political Science and Global Studies from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities. Amelia has had several experiences living, working, and studying overseas as well as experience working in Washington DC on projects related to disaster reduction and recovery for the World Bank.