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Crisis Engagement & Negotiation Exercise

Game Information

Read below for some basic information about what you can expect during CENEX, as well as general tips about how to prepare for game play.

To continually improve the CENEX experience, the executive committee updates the rules and standard operating procedures each year, based on the experiences and feedback from participants.

what to expect before game play

  • Roughly two weeks before the day of game play, those who have registered for CENEX will be assigned to country teams based on the preferences provided in the registration survey.
  • Teams are expected to choose a Captain, who is responsible for acting in a leadership role, and a Communications Officer, who is responsible for communication between teams and with control.
  • While not mandatory, it is recommended that teams meet prior to the day of game play to devise a team strategy and assign and particular roles or duties to individual members.
  • There will be an opening reception with remarks from a keynote speaker held before the start of game play. Participants are asked to dress and act professionally.

general Rules of the simulation

  • While total war may be the end result, CENEX at its core is a crisis engagement exercise. Participants should make all attempts to exhaust diplomatic and other non-military options.
  • We will implement realistic controls. However, participants should use creative solutions to resolve the crisis at hand.
  • Controls will insert new pieces of information, called injects, to escalate or de-escalate certain aspects of the scenario rather than to drastically alter the scenario or invalidate the work of the participants.
  • Depending on the scenario, media teams may request interviews and, under certain conditions, can sit in on high-level delegation meetings. Teams are expected to reasonably comply with the requests of the media teams.
  • Subject matter experts are available for teams to ask questions regarding specific aspects of the scenario and game play.