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Previous Simulations

2011 Simulation

CENEX 2011 was the inaugural event. A day-long simulation covering simultaneous crises in the South China Sea and the Korean Peninsula, CENEX 2011 achieved several important milestones:

  • Six country teams were represented: The United States of America; China; Taiwan; the Republic of Korea; North Korea; and Japan.
  • More than 50 students participated, either on the country teams or in a support function.
  • The simulation successfully applied important educational topics to a real-world scenario, including:
      1. international security
        foreign policy
        military capabilities
        military relations
  • Eight professionals served as controls:
      1. South Korean Lt. Col. Eun Seok Jang: Republic of Korea
        South Korean Col. Tara O: Republic of Korea
        U.S. Air Force Col. Jeffrey C. Louie: China
        U.S. Air Force Col. Thomas A. Drohan: Japan
        Japanese Major Naotake Abe: Japan
        Dr. Thomas Doyle: North Korea
        Michael Keaveny: U.S.A.
        Kim Kavrell Savit: Taiwan

Find more information on the strategic background for CENEX 2011 (PDF), including: