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The Colorado European Union Center of Excellence

Past Events


Past Events

May 9-Featuring Shannon Dunne and Graham DeZarn as the evenings talented performers of traditional Irish dance and music respectively, the event offered a lively performance of Irish culture, through contemporary representations of ancient traditions. Additionally, the University Club provided a wonderful atmosphere for a networking reception and delicious dinner before the fantastic musical performance.

May 8-A discussion with Korbel School professors Rachel Epstein and Martin Rhodes. This was a community style round-table, where the speakers fielded questions from attendees. Topics included the results of the May 7 French elections, the future of Europe, and other issues related to the E.U. Institutional integrity in the face of emerging political forces, and the improvement of the E.U.'s economic climate were major themes throughout the discussion.

April 28-CEUCE hosted Ambassador Kirsti Kauppi, became Ambassador of Finland to the U.S. in September 2015. This event was co-sponsored by the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences, Vaisala, Finlandia Foundation of Colorado, and C.E.U.C.E. As a jointly sponsored event their was meaningful engagement across a number of organizations and individuals with an interest in the successes of Finland and how they can be built upon going forward.

April 27-CEUCE was honored to in Colorado, Ambassador of Finland to the U.S. Kirsti Kauppi as her country celebrated their centennial of independence. Ambassador Kauppi spoke on Finland's role with the European Union and the world, as well as how the country is positioned in global politics. There was also a Q&A sessions following her talk.

April 18-19-Dr. Yiorghos Leventis, Director of the International Security Forum visited Colorado to present on his home nation of Cyprus. Dr. Leventis explained the making of modern Cyprus from an agrarian to a service-driven economy through a boosting of trade and business relations since its accession to the E.U. in 2004. The talk examined Cyprus's economic relations with other major actors including: The U.S., Russia, and China. Additionally, Dr. Leventis spoke on the strategic value of the island with reference to the E.U.'s Common European Security and Defense Policy (CESDP).

April 13-This talk covered the ongoing effects of the financial crisis (2008-2009), the Brexit vote and the implications for the E.U.'s ability to remain a coherent regional association, and the refugee crisis that has resulted in turmoil across the European Union.

April 12-Following the British 'Brexit' vote and the dramatic change in the American presidency, the French election had wide-ranging international repercussions both within Europe and globally. Jeffrey Richards, Honorary Consul for France in Colorado, discussed the mechanics of the French Presidential elections process, the candidates and issues.

April 6-Lady Catherine Ashton, former High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security, gave an informal talk on being a leading woman in international relations. This talk was co-sponsored by the C.E.U.C.E., Josef Korbel School of International Studies and Women's Leadership Council.

April 5-As the U.S. is redefining its foreign policy, the European Union is confronting the challenges of Brexit. Amid the tumult, world leaders are hurriedly repositioning themselves to deal with the new world. CEUCE and WorldDenver hosted this timely talk featuring Lady Catherine Ashton.

March 2-The European Union is quite different from other countries in its external relations because there was a mandate on development policy from the creation of the European Union Communities. Dr. Renate Hahlen, Minister Counselor of E.U. Development of the European Union Delegation to the U.S. discussed how E.U. development policy, as part of E.U. external actions, has evolved over the decades.

March 1-Around the globe, 65 million people are forcible displaced as refugees, asylum seekers or internally displaced persons. This is the highest number since the end of World War II and the fact of an increasing number of complex, larger and protracted, crisis situations. Europe became a destination out of despair, and Europe has struggled with handling an unparalleled situation in the face of its permeable borders. Dr. Renate Hahlen, Minister to the U.S., talked about the E.U.'s achievements since then.

January 25-Hans Kundani is currently a Bosch Public Policy Fellow at the Transatlantic Academy and a Senior Transatlantic fellow with the GMF's Europe program based in Washington D.C. Prior to his current position, Mr. Kundani was the Research Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations. Mr. Kundani presented on how the election of Donald Trump as U.S. President could be expected to affect the future of the E.U.

January 25-Hans Kundani, a Bosch Public Policy Fellow at the Transatlantic Academy, spoke about the election of Donald Trump—and in particular the new doubt about the U.S. security guarantee it has created— could have consequences for the internal dynamics within the E.U. and thus for the European project. In the worst case scenario, balance of power politics could return and security dilemmas could be reactivate.


November 10-Augusto Gonzalez is an Adviser at the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SME's of the European Commission. He talked about the European Union's role in Space, its flagship space programs and how space activities can contribute to addressing societal challenges, ensuring citizen's well being and generating economic growth and jobs.

October 21-CEUCE welcomed Mr. Ernesto Penas Lado, Director for Policy Development and Coordination at the European Commissions's Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and current E.U. Fellow at University of Washington. In his presentation, Mr. Pena Lady explained how this reform was possible, what were the drivers and the challenges ahead.

October 20-Mr. Ernesto Penas Lado addressed the reasons leading up to the negative role in the Brexit referendum, using some examples of E.U. policies that influenced the vote and analyzing the approach of U.K. authorities and E.U. institutions. Examples were drawn for the experience for the CFP in terms of how the E.U. blamed for all the problems encountered in the U.K. The presentation did not go very far in terms of predicting future developments; nobody really knows how the Brexit negotiations will unfold and what will be its future consequences.

October 19-CEUCE welcomed Mr. Ernesto Penas Lady—Director for Policy Development & Coordination at the European Commission's Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs & Fisheries. As part of its 'blue growth' agenda, the E.U. believes that one of the key factors to unlock the potential of the world's oceans to provide more sustainable economic growth and jobs is to improve their international governance.

October 17-CEUCE welcomed Mr. Anders Rasmussen, former Prime Minister of Denmark and Former Secretary General of NATO to speak about his book, 'The Will to Lead: America's indispensable Role in the Global Fight for Freedom.'Mr. Rasmussen's book touches on his passion for America and his thoughts on President Barack Obama's policy which he believes has given Russia and China an unwanted, more assertive stance in the world, making the world more vulnerable to possible threats.

September 29-CEUCE welcomed Antoine Ripoll, Head of the European Parliament Liaison Office with the U.S. Congress. Mr. Ripoll came to The University Club to present and discuss multiple challenges that confront the European Union. Mr. Ripoll discussed the complex dynamics and explored the perspectives of further European success: Member states potential to work together to address common problems; the possible future of more Europe, not less, as a result of the crises; triumph over the E.U's vulnerabilities to become more resilient, and how to navigate transatlantic relationships with new leadership in Washington D.C.

September 21-CEUCE welcomed Dr. Richard Wolin for his lecture that covered Marine Le Pen's accession to the leadership of France's National Front in 2011 where she has concertedly sought to 'normalize' the party's far-right political platform and rhetoric. Dr. Richard Wolin is a Distinguished Professor at the City University of New York Graduate Center.

August 4-CEUCE welcomed Dr. Joe Jupille, Associate Professor of Political Science and Faculty Research Associate of the Institute of Behavioral Science at C.U. Boulder. Dr. Jupille discussed the logic of those three little words, from the 1957 Rome Treaty, 'ever closer union', and reflected on the future of both Britain and the E.U. using Brexit to illustrate the strong countervailing logic of national politics.

June 7-In partnership with the Ecologic Institute, CEUCE hosted POCACITO (Post-Carbon Cities of Tomorrow) for a dinner reception at the University Club. The reception included international speakers who discussed the sustainability revolution and its role in inspiring sustainable urban development in US and European cities. Expert speakers included Maria Berrini, CEO of AMAT Milan; Jordi Olivar Solà, the Executive Director of inèdit Barcelona; and Johanna Ekne of Malmö, a Swedish non-profit.

May 19-CEUCE partnered with the World Trade Center Denver to host "World Trade Day" at the Infinity Park Events Center in Glendale. The event, titled "Exploring Your Transpacific Partnership", hosted multiple keynote speakers including Pete Mento, the Principal at Ryan, LLC and the Honorary Secretary Tom Vilsack, U.S. Department of Agriculture. The event explored topics ranging from "When a Corporation Sues a Government..." and "The New Definition of Trade," to "Will the TPP 'Trump' NAFTA?" during a host of breakout sessions.

April 28-CEUCE and World Denver partnered to celebrate EU Day with a musical performance from the Konection Trio, a discussion on music as a language and multiculturalism in Europe. The band reflected on the future of music as a tool to help facilitate the integration of immigrants into Europe.

April 18-19-CEUCE partnered with the Santa Fe World Affairs Forum to host the Annual Symposium, "Crisis in Migration: A New World of Walls?" at St. John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The two-day symposium featured a multitude of expert speakers, including Dr. Dieter Dettke, Professor of European Security Studies at Georgetown University. Dr. Dettke spoke on the "Impact of Migration on the European Union."

March 31-The Denver Eric M. Warburg Chapter of the American Council on Germany, the Denver Council on Foreign Relations and CEUCE hosted a dinner and discussion with Frances G. Burwell at the Denver Country Club. Ms. Burwell, the Vice President of European Union and Special Initiatives at the Atlantic Council, discussed the European refugee and migrant crisis.

March 22-23-CEUCE partnered with the Colorado Irish Network and WorldDenver to host Ambassador David O'Sullivan, head of the European Union Delegation to the United States, for an evening reception and dinner at the University Club. The University of Denver was also honored to host Ambassador O'Sullivan for a short visit to the DU campus and a light reception.

March 17-CEUCE partnered with the University of Colorado Department of Germanic & Slavic Languages and Literatures to present Peggy Piesche from the University of Bayreuth at the Highland City Club in Boulder. Ms. Piesche held a discussion on, "The Return of Race in Current Debates about a so-called Refugee Crisis."

March 4-The Consul General of Lithuania, Marijus Gudynas, joined CEUCE for an intimate evening at the University Club of Denver. Mr. Gudynas delivered a talk on, "Lithuania: Successful Transformation Example and Vision for Europe."

February 29-CEUCE and the University of Denver held a one-day workshop at Sturm College of Law, exploring "Europe's Historic Test: Mass Migration and the Politics of Multiculturalism in the EU." The conference brought together experts from both the US and Europe to discuss the issues surrounding migration in Europe, including "European Identity, Multiculturalism and Islamaphobia" and "Extremism, Populism and Anti-Immigrant Party Support."

February 12-CEUCE partnered with the Latin America Center to present, "Fragile By Design: The Political Origins of Banking Crises and Scarce Debt," a discussion with Dr. Stephen Haber, a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution and Professor of Political Science at Stanford University. Dr. Haber discussed his book, "Fragile by Design", which explores the political and banking history of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Mexico and Brazil.

February 8-CEUCE hosted Dr. Milada Vachudova, from the University of North Carolina, for lunch and a a talk which covered, "Democratization, State Capture and External Actors in the Western Balkans". Dr. Vachudova discussed the role of external actors in the post-communist landscape of the EU.

February 5-CEUCE and the Consulate-General of Japan in Denver presented, "Free Trade Agreements Beyond NAFTA: The Future of the Global Economy;" a conference featuring, among others, experts such as Stephen Woolcock of the London School of Economics and Saori Katada from the University of Southern California.

February 3-The Denver Council on Foreign Relations and CEUCE hosted Cornelius Adebahr, an associate of the Europe Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Adebahr, whose research focuses broadly on European foreign policy, delivered a talk at the Denver Country Club on, "The EU and the Iranian Nuclear Deal."


November 16-CEUCE hosted a talk on, "How Small University Towns Shape European Culture" by Dr. Jan Marco Müller at the Highland City Club in Boulder, Colorado. Dr. Müller is Policy Officer for International Relations at the European Commission's Joint Research Center.

November 13-The University of New Mexico International Studies Institute, in partnership with CEUCE, hosted Dr. Vangelis Calotychos for a lecture on the peace process in Cypress.  The lecture will be available soon.  Dr. Calotychos is Visiting Associate Professor of Comparative Literature at Brown University.

November 11-CEUCE hosted Phillip Krüger at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies for a presentation on "Cyber War and Peace: US-German Relations in a Big Data World."  Mr. Krüger is the founder and CEO of Scrapp Inc. and serves as the Director of the Digital Economy Project at "Stiftung Neue Verantwortung" in Berlin where he advises public stakeholders on the new "Digital Agenda" policy initiative for Europe.

November 6-CEUCE hosted Ambassador Rudi Veestraeten, Consul General of Belgium in Los Angeles, at the Highland City Club in Boulder.  Mr. Veestraeten talked about EU's future, immigration and refugees.

November 5-CEUCE participated in the Renewable Energy Law & Policy Summit: "The Road to Paris: EU & US Approaches to the World Climate Talks." Click here for a recording of the event.

November 2-CEUCE supported a talk by Reinhard Lorenz, MFA, at the University of New Mexico Institute of International Studies on documentary films on the Armenian genocide and the reconciliation between Germany and Poland. Mr. Lorenz is the CEO and founder of First Eye Films.  Please view a video of the lecture here.

October 30-Diane Tintor, MFA, delivered a talk on Anselm Kiefer and the German moral imperative for WWII reparations, hosted by the University of New Mexico International Studies Institute in partnership with CEUCE.  The lecture can be viewed here.  Diane Tintor is the Art & Art History Chair at Santa Fe Community College.

October 26-CEUCE hosted Dr. Donald Abenheim from the Naval Postgraduate School for a talk on European security at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies.  Dr. Abenheim is a historian of modern Germany with decades of practical experience in the armed forces of North America and Europe, with a focus on Central Europe in the contemporary era.

October 22-CEUCE presented a talk by Dr. Jan Marco Müller, "The Challenge of Shaping a Society that Embraces Innovation - and Why Europe Differs from the US."  Dr. Müller is Policy Officer for International Relations at the European Commission's Joint Research Center.

October 19-CEUCE, in partnership with the University of New Mexico International Studies Institute, presented Anthony Barnett's talk, "Jeremy Corbyn at the Watershed of the European Left."  The lecture is available here.  Anthony Barnett is the founder of openDemocracy and co-editor of OurKingdom.

October 16-CEUCE, in partnership with the University of New Mexico International Studies Institute, presented Dr. Joseph Jupille's lecture on Franco-German Reconciliation.  Please view a video of the lecture here.  Dr. Jupille is Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and Faculty Research Associate at the Institute of Behavioral Science at the University of Colorado.

October 15-CEUCE presented an EU movie screening in partnership with Eurochannel at the Reiman Theater.  Three shorts were presented around a central theme of youth in Europe.

September 25-CEUCE hosted Dr. Alec Sweet, an internationally renowned professor of comparative and international politics, who gave a lecture on "A Cosmopolitan Legal Order: Constitutional Pluralism and Rights Adjudication in Europe." He spoke about the dynamic relationship the European Convention on Human Rights has with its European partner countries and its impact and legacy on European politics. 

June 30-CEUCE, in partnership with GACC, hosted a business luncheon at the headquarters of Kärcher North America. Kärcher is one of the three largest German companies in Colorado and is a very well-known brand in Germany and globally. Kärcher North America CEO Hannes Säubert will address our group on the history, background and ambitions of the company.

May 19-World Trade Center Denver celebrated World Trade Day by hosting an international trade and investment conference with over 400 participants from across the Rocky Mountain Region and around the globe. This year's theme was "Advancing Colorado Around the Globe."

April 30-CEUCE celebrated EU Day with a lecture from Fracois Rivasseau, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation. His lecture "Facing Tough Global Challenges" discussed the top issues challenging EU today, such as counterterrorism and climate change. This event was co-hosted with World Denver, World Affairs Counsels of America and the European Union Delegation to the US.

April 15-CEUCE hosted Dr. Fabrice Vareille, Head of the Transport, Energy, Environment and Nuclear Affairs section at the EU Delegation in Washington, DC at the Highland City Club in Boulder.

March 17-CEUCE hosted its monthly EU Chats. Led by Sarah Lambert the topic was "Greece and Germany: Populism versus Solidarity in the EU."

March 6-WorldDenver hosted its annual International Women's Day Celebration Luncheon that celebrated the achievements of female leaders across the world. 

March 5-CEUCE hosted Anna Westerstahal Stenpor, who discussed "Urban Industrialized and Experimental: Contemporary Sámi Political Indigenous Filmmaking." Her lecture highlighted the recent developments in the rise of indigenous filmmaking all over the world and the Sámi political movements towards self-governance.

February 26-28-The three day research workshop with Dr. Rachel Epstein brought scholars to draft an essay and receive peer feedback and review. The topic was "National versus Supranational Financial Regulation and Supervision: Dilemmas for States."

February 25-CEUCE hosted CU guest lecturer Dr. Randall Germain, who discussed international political economy in his lecture "Rival Currencies in the Global Economy: The Euro, the Dollar and the Renminbi."

February 21-The Colorado Council for Economic Education hosted an educator outreach workshop titled "The Social Safety Net/Welfare State" about the comparison of the social safety net offered in the U.S. and various EU member states.

February 20-21-CEUCE was proud to send four CU Boulder representatives to the 2015 West Coast Model EU at the University of Washington in Seattle. The Model European Union is a simulation of a European Council Summit. This year's summit negotiation sessions focused on "Common Foreign and Security Policy: Towards a More Effective Crisis Response System" and "Fighting Youth Unemployment in Europe." The four students sponsored were Regina Reyes-Zaragoza, Yassi Hosseini, Eva Neligh and Sanam Yakhshibaeva.

February 17-CEUCE hosted its monthly EU Chats. Dr. Tobias Hofmann discussed "Non-compliance and the Power of Special Interests." His research examines the political economy of international institutions, with a focus on multilateral and preferential trade agreements as well as European integration.

February 13-14-CEUCE sponsored students to attend the European Student Conference at Yale University. The European Student Conference is a unique opportunity to work alongside globally minded thinkers, current decision makers, and renowned academics to analyze the role of the EU and its relationship to the United States.


December 8,2014-The U.S. Commercial Service hosted a Europe Regionalization Road Show, which featured various commercial representatives based in different countries and covering a wide range of industries in the European Union. 

November 10,2014-CEUCE held a panel discussion on the foreign policy issues that are of concern to Europe and the U.S., including transatlantic relations,  the changing roles of international organizations such as NATO and the United Nations, trans-boundary environmental policy issues, and global trade trends which frame positions in U.S. and EU foreign policy. 

October 29,2014-CEUCE hosted a workshop titled "The Politics of Impact: The EU as a Global Actor with the U.S. and China: Putting the Geopolitics of Energy into Perspective."

October 14,2014-The Honorary Consul of Belgium and CEUCE hosted a birthday celebration and exhibit honoring Belgium's Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone. 

October 13-16,2014-In partnership with the University of New Mexico, CEUCE hosted a three day conference on "Modern Societies in Crisis: Global Challenges and Solutions". Learn more

October 2,2014-Ambassador Rudi Veestraeten, current Consul General to Los Angeles for the Kingdom of Belgium shared his first-hand account of his extensive diplomatic experience in his lecture titled "Diplomacy in Southeast Asia: A EU Perspective."

September 26,2014-CEUCE hosted Ambassador Steven Pifer, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and current director and Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, for a timely discussion of "The Ukraine-Russia Crisis and the West's Response." Ambassador Pifer discussed key issues affecting the crisis and what he saw as the next steps to the Western response.

September 24,2014-World Trade Center Denver Chairman and President of Geotech Jeff Popiel invited WTC members and guests to engage in international business discussions and network with fellow members of the business community at the 27th Annual Member Meeting.

September ,2014-Co-sponsored with the Rocky Mountain Stanford Alumni Association, CEUCE hosted "Umpire or Empire? The Costs and Consequences of World Leadership." Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman offered a challenging new interpretation of America's past with important implications for the nation's way forward.

May 15-16,2014-The European Union Centers of Excellence at Boulder, Seattle and Berkeley presented the 2014 Graduate Research Workshop on the European Union. The workshop advances two direct aims: to provide a forum for US-based graduate students at the dissertation level to present research focused on the EU and/or Transatlantic Relations to an audience of knowledgeable, supportive, yet critical faculty and peers; and to provide methodological instruction to students in a way that is relevant to European Union-related work. 

May 7,2014-In partnership with the World Affairs Council of America and the Delegation of the European Union to the Union States, CEUCE celebrated EU Day by presenting a panel on "Expanding Trade, Expanding Communities: The Future of Trade Between Colorado and the EU."

May 6,2014-Brian Friedman of GHP Investment Advisors served as the keynote speaker at World Trade Day, the largest international business conference in the Rocky Mountain Region. This year's theme was "Risky Business: Risk and Reward Across Borders."

April 28,2014-Part of Transatlantic Speaker Series, Dr. John Zysman discussed "Villains or Victims? The Transition to Market Based Banking and Consequences for Europe."

April 8,2014-CEUCE Director Joe Jupille moderated the main panel at the 66th Annual Conference on World Affairs, which focused on Europe's Influence n the World.

March 18,2014-CU Model United Nations hosted Roya Hakakian, one of the founding members of the Iran Human Rights Documentation Center. She spoke about her work as an activist, international journalist and poet.

March 17,2014-CEUCE hosted Christian Schneider, who discussed "Impacts of New EU Labor Laws." Schneider is associate director of the Wharton School Center for Human Resources. 

March 13,2014-CEUCE was proud to sponsor World Trade Center Denver in their event "International Business and U: A Collaborative Student Conference with Colorado Universities." 

February 18,2014-CEUCE EU Fellow Sarah Lambert joined the University of Pittsburgh at their Conversations of Europe speaker series. 

February 7-8,2014-CEUCE was proud to sponsor students at the 2014 West Coast EU Conference, which focused this year on Crafting a Banking Union for Europe and the Reform of the EU's Migration and Refugee Policy. The keynote speaker was Lithuanian Ambassador to the United States Žygimantas Pavilionis.

January 23,2014-The CU Boulder Social Sciences speaker series featured three faculty members discussing "Who Made Your Holiday Gifts?" The lecture focused on outsourcing and offshoring.


December 13,2013-CEUCE hosted Dr. Nils Ringe, Associate Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His lecture was "Bridging the Information Gap: Legislative Member Organizations as Social Networks in the United States and the European Union."

September 10,2013-Dr. Mereike Kleine joined the European Institute in September 2009 as a Lecturer in EU politics. Her research interests include theories of international organizations and international political economy. Her lecture was titled "Informal Governance in the European Union."

May 24-25,2013-CEUCE was proud to support students attending the Western US Graduate Workshop on the European Union at the University of Washington, Seattle. The workshop advances two direct aims: to provide a forum for US-based graduate students at the dissertation level to present research focused on the EU to an audience of knowledgeable, supportive, yet critical faculty and peers; and to provide methodological instruction to students in a way that is relevant to European Union-related work.

May 16,2013-In partnership with World Trade Center Denver, CEUCE celebrated World Trade Day, the Rocky Mountain Region's premier trade and investment conference with over 500 participants from across the globe. This year's theme was "Plug into the Global Economy-How Technology Impacts Trade."

May 6,2013-CEUCE hosted Dr. Wolfgang Wessels, Professor and Jean Monnet Chair at the University of Cologne, who gave a lecture titled "Franco-German Hegemony in the EU?"

May 4,2013-CEUCE partnered with CCEE to bring a teacher workshop focused on "The New Europe", which considered the future of the EU given the current state of the euro.

May 2,2013-CEUCE hosted a luncheon presentation with CU graduate student Caterina Froio. Her lecture was "Do Parties Matter? Evidences from Denmark, France, Spain and the U.K. (1980-2008)." 

April 25,2013-Danièle Réchard, current EU fellow, spoke at our monthly EU Chat about EU's democratic legitimacy in "Democracy, Bureaucracy, Legitimacy." 

April 18,2013-CEUCE was honored to host an all-star European panel on "The Motivations, Implications and Likelihood of a Modern Day Secession." The panel was moderated by Dr. Joseph Jupille and included Judge David Edward, former member of the European Court of Justice; Beverly Simpson, Consul General of the United Kingdom; Danièle Réchard, Head of Citizens’ Rights and Constitutional Affairs Policy Department, European Parliament; and James Spence, Lecturer, Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris. The panel discussed the Scottish Referendum, the Catalans, Kosovars, and many other secessionist trends across the EU.

April 11,2013-CEUCE was proud to sponsor several students to the Claremont-UC Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union at Scripps College in Claremont, CA. The primary purpose of the conference was to enhance undergraduate training in and knowledge of the European Union and US-European relations.

March 22,2013-CEUCE hosted Dr. James Caporaso of the University of Washington who discussed "The Crisis in the Eurozone."

March 14,2013-CEUCE partnered with WorldDenver, History Colorado and the Center for Education in Law and Democracy to bring a panel discussing EU-US Foreign Policy. The panel discussed transatlantic relations, the changing roles of international organizations and global trade trends.

March 13,2013-CEUCE hosted a panel of experts who explored EU-US Foreign Policy Relations.

March 12,2013-CEUCE and BioFrontiers welcomed Dr. Ben Lenher from the Center for Genomic Regulations in Barcelona, Spain to speak about "The Genetics of Individuals: Why Would a Mutation Kill Me, but Not You?"

March 9,2013-In partnership with the Colorado Council for Economic Education, CEUCE hosted a teacher workshop titled "The New Europe" for teachers of grades 6-12.

March 7,2013-CEUCE hosted a panel who discussed "What if the U.K. Leaves the European Union? Or...To Brixit or not to Brixit?"

March 4,2013-CEUCE welcomed Dr. Wade Jacoby of Brigham Young University, who gave a lecture titled "Boom, Bust, Buffer: How the EU Matters to Central and Eastern Europe in Fat Times and in Lean."

March 1-2,2013-In partnership with the Center for the Study of Europe and the World, CEUCE hosted a two day conference on "European Union Enlargement: Ten Years On." Participants examined the political, economic and legal dimensions of the transposition of the acquis communautaire, as well as the consequences of enlargement for governance in the European Union in the Lisbon Treaty era.

February 28,2013-CEUCE was honored to host Dr. Tanja A. Börzel and Dr. Thomas Risse of Freie Universität Berlin. They presented on current trends in EU governance and democracy.

February 28,2013-CEUCE was proud to sponsor the first ever student conference with the World Trade Center Denver titled "International Business and U."

February 22,2013-CEUCE sponsored several students to attend the West Coast Model EU at the University of Washington, Seattle.

January 31,2013-As part of the Europe-America Speaker Series, CEUCE invited Dr. Bill Bernhard from the University of Illinois at Urbana to speak about his work on the European Parliamentary elections.


November 10,2012-CEUCE and the Colorado Council on Economic Education hosted a lecture titled "The Role of Government in the Economy: A US and EU Comparison."

October 19-20,2012-CEUCE sponsored a two day conference at Brigham Young University in Provo, UT titled "European Union Enlargement: Ten Years On."

October 12,2012-CEUCE hosted a lecture titled "The Crisis of the Eurozone: New Step Forward in the European Integration Process?"

September 17-18,2012-CEUCE hosted a two day conference on "Energy Justice and Sustainable Energy for All: EU and US Responses." The conference opened with a keynote address by the world’s premier advocate of sustainable energy Dr. Kandeh Yumkella, Chairman of UN Energy and Director-General of the United Nations Industrial and Development Organization (UNIDO).  He was joined by Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation, which spearheads the global campaign to promote clean cook-stove technology.

July 31,2012-Executive Director Felicia Naranjo Martinez met with Dennis Grogan, Director of the New Mexico Council on Economic Education (NMCEE) to lay the foundations for future programs and partnerships with the NMCEE over the next year. She also met with Katherine Sauer, of the University of New Mexico’s Political Science Department, on circulating upcoming CEUCE grants and opportunities.

June 1-2,2012-CEUCE co-sponsored a two day conference on the varieties of capitalism that aimed to examine national employment policy responses to the financial crisis and its consequences in Europe. The social and employment impact of the international financial crisis in Europe has revealed the strengths and weaknesses of Europe’s national labor markets and their capacity for coordinated responses to rising levels of unemployment.

May 4-5,2012-CEUCE sponsored several students to the Western United States Graduate Workshop on the European Union. Its one of the key annual events aimed at developing and promoting scholarly research on the European Union and Transatlantic Relations in the United States.

April 12-13,2012-CEUCE sponsored several students to attend the 10th Annual Claremont-UC Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union.

March 12,2012-Staff members of CEUCE attended the EU Centers of Excellence Directors meeting in Washington, DC to discuss activities and best practices.

February 20,2012-The Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade co-hosted a reception to celebrate the opening of an Honorary European Trade and Investment Office in the Republic of Ireland.  This office is a partnership established between the law offices of Holme Roberts and Owen (HRO) in Dublin and the State of Colorado with the purpose of promoting trade and investment between Ireland and Colorado.

February 2-4,2012-CEUCE co-sponsored a three day conference on "Financial Integration versus Economic Nationalism in the European Union: The Sources and Consequences of Foreign Bank Ownership" which discussed the politicization of banks and their centrality to the political and economic fortunes of countries.

January 26-27,2012-The Center for the Study of Europe and the World officially opened its doors with a lecture and a roundtable discussion featuring Ambassador John Kornblum as part of the center's Transatlantic Speaker Series. The Ambassador discussed the importance of Europe in international affairs and the crisis of the eurozone.

January 17,2012-CEUCE hosted Bill O'Grady at the IIE Anniversary Luncheon, who gave a lecture about the future of foreign markets and struggling currencies.


December 3,2011-CEUCE sponsored several participants to the National Council for the Social Studies conference. CELD staff presented a session titled "Comparing Democracies: New Materials for Getting to Know Europe." New comparative lessons developed in the EC-funded project "Colorado, Get to Know Europe" were presented to illustrate how the lessons provide students with a deeper understanding of European democracy and enhance their understanding of their own democracy.

December 1,2011-CEUCE helped support The Wild Foundation in organizing the 10th World Wilderness Congress in Spain. Learn more

November 18,2011-Staff members of CEUCE attended the EU Centers of Excellence Associate Directors meeting at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, NC to discuss activities and best practices.

November 12,2011-CEUCE co-sponsored a one day class titled "Energy Policies Toward a Better World-the US and the EU" at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.

August 2-3,2011-CEUCE co-sponsored a two day class with the Colorado Society of Certified Public Accountants titled "Money and Inflation: A History and Analysis of the Euro" at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs.