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Great Wall of China

Through its programming, publications and scholarly exchanges, the Center for China-US Cooperation (CCUSC) has been strategic in educating people in the Rocky Mountain region about Greater China, including the Mainland, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

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Journal of
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Journal of Contemporary China is the only English language journal edited in North America that provides exclusive information about contemporary Chinese affairs for scholars, business people and government policy-makers. Learn More

  25 years

Journal of Contemporary China
25th Anniversary Reception

at the Association for Asian Studies
2017 Convention

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Friday, March 17, 2017

Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
Willow Center Room

The Journal of Contemporary China will celebrate it’s 25th year by hosting a reception at the 2017 Association for Asian Studies (AAS) Annual Conference held on March 17th in Toronto, Ontario.  Founded by Professor Suisheng Zhao in 1992, the Journal of Contemporary China has constantly ranked among the top China and area studies journals in the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI).

For more information about the AAS conference please visit:


Photos from our recent 2016 Annual Sabel Award Dinner honoring Benjamin van Rooij. Featuring keynote speakers Ambassador Chas Freeman and Dr. Carla Freeman.


In the News



Thursday October 12, 2017 - Prof. Zhao joined the hour-long NPR radio show 1A - “China: How a Superpower Sets Its Agenda,” to discuss the forthcoming 19th Communist Party Congress.
In addition to Prof. Zhao, guests included: Anthony Kuhn, international correspondent based in Beijing China, NPR; Elizabeth Economy, Senior fellow and director of Asia studies, Council on Foreign Relations; and Ji-Young Lee Assistant professor at American University. To listen to the show please visit:

On February 23rd 2017, Prof. Zhao gave a presentation at the International Academic Workshop on Ideological Battles for China's Political Futures in MERICS, Berlin, Germany.

Friday Feb 10th, Prof. Zhao sat on a panel at the University of Pennsylvania, Asian Law Review conference; Issues in Arbitration in Asia: The Arbitral Landscape After the South China Sea Arbitration. Other panelists included: Prof. Jacques de Lisle, Patrick M. Norton, Prof. Catherine A Rogers, Christopher K. Tahbaz, Dr. Isaac Kardon, Oliver Lewis and Andrew Loewenstein.

Prof. Zhao was a guest on Radio Sputnik UK's show World in Focus. Prof. Zhao's comments start at about minute 33:

A recent publication by Prof. Zhao in East Asia Forum, published by Australian National University. Read it here:

Prof. Zhao was a guest on The Heat - the episode can be viewed here:

The Chinese Social Sciences News wrote this article to celebrate 25 anniversary of the Journal of Contemporary China.

Prof. Zhao was on the BBC - His comments can be heard at about minute 38. The program can be accessed here: President Trump Takes Office

The China Review News Agency story about Prof. Zhao's public lecture at Renmin University's Chongyang Financial Institute on January 14. The topic was “American Reflection on the engagement with China as backdrop of President-elect Trump’s China Policy.”

Prof. Zhao presented a paper on January 12th at the State Mobilized Contention:
The State-Protest Movement Nexus conference in Hong Kong, hosted by Harvard University Yenching Institute and Hong Kong University.

Prof. Zhao gave a keynote speech in Zurich and it was written about in 'Neue Zürcher Zeitung, a Swiss German newspaper .

Prof. Zhao published a scholarly artice in Asian Survey (University of California, Berkeley), vol. 56, no. 6, Nov/Dec 2016. The titile is “The Ideological Campaign in Xi’s China: Rebuilding Regime Legitimacy.” The article can be accessed at:

Prof. Zhao was quoted in this Xinhua News Agency year-end story to forecast the prospects of China's periphery diplomacy in the 2017 .

Prof. Zhao had an interview quote on Japanese Prime Minister's Abe's visit to the Pearl Harbor, published in People's Daily December 28, 2016.

Prof. Zhao has published a new article in the Asian Journal of Comparative Politics November 2016 issue . You can read it HERE

Prof. Suisheng Zhao has recently had 2 publications featured in East Asia Forum. They can be seen here:
President Tsai and Beijing Clash - October 4, 2016
Are China and Taiwan Moving Toward Confrontation? - September 27, 2016

Prof. Suisheng Zhao led a panel on China's political reform at James Baker Institute for Public Policy, Rice University, Houston TX on Monday October 17th. The webcast can be accessed at:

Prof. Suisheng Zhao recently wrote an article which was featured in The National Interest.

Here is the newest article written by CCUSC Visiting Scholar, Zhang Guoxi:

Suisheng (Sam) Zhao was a keynote speaker and panel chair at Northeast Asia Forum 2016, held on September 23 in Shenyang, China at Liaoning University and co-sponsored by the Korean Foundation for Advanced Studies. Sam's talk was titled "China and the Evolving New World Order: The Rule-taker, Rule-Maker or Rule-Breaker," and his panel was on "The Politics and Security of Northeast Asia in Light of Competition and Cooperation of Major Powers." While in China, Sam also gave a public lecture at Hebei GEO University.

Prof. Suisheng Zhao was the keynote speaker and a session chair at the University of Zurich public conference on "Citizen Participation in Local Governance in China and Beyond."

Prof. Zhao was also a panelist on September 12, 2016 at conference titled "Cross-Strait Relations Under the Tsai Ing-wen Administration" sponsored by the Brookings Institution and Center for Strategic and International Studies

A new article written by CCUSC Visiting Scholar, Zhang Guoxi:
Chinese Students Run Up Against Invisible Walls on US Campuses

Last week the CCUSC Director spoke at the EnerCOM Oil & Gas Conference in Denver. His talk can be viewed at:

Check out this article written by CCUSC Visiting Scholar, Zhang Guoxi:
China Faces Risks of US Presidential Vote

The Journal of Contemporary China was just mentioned in this LinkedIn Podcast -

Check out Prof. Sam Zhao on Warren Olney's show:

Read Professor Sam Zhao's perspective on the July 12, 2016 news from The Hague in the University of Denver's Newsroom:


The most recent book of Journal of Contemporary China book series, The Making of China’s Foreign Policy in the 21st Century: Historical Sources, Institutions/Players, and Perceptions of Power Relations , was published by Routledge in June 2106.
This book is a compilation of articles published in the previous issues of the JCC. You can read a book description at:  


We are excited to share the news that Thomson Reuters just released 2014 Journal Citation Reports®. The Impact Factor for the Journal of Contemporary China has increased from 0.953 to 1.085 in the reports, once again ranking NUMBER ONE China study journal in the world.
The Journal of Contemporary China is now ranked 5th out of 65 journals in the Area Studies category (© 2015 Thomson Reuters, 2014 Journal Citation Reports®). Our competitors, the China Journal is 7th (impact factor 1.030), and China Quarterly is 9th (impact factor 0.952). JCC is above both.
We are extremely pleased with the journal's performance. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the editorial board members, authors and my colleagues for your support and look forward to working with you to keep the JCC truly a top academic and policy journal of China studies.

View our rankings on Google in China History and Asian Studies.