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Center for China-U.S. Cooperation


Center for China-U.S. Cooperation


Center for China-U.S. Cooperation publications include the Journal of Contemporary China, as well as various articles and books written by Suisheng Zhao.

Journal of Contemporary China (JCC) is the only English-language journal edited in North America that provides exclusive information about contemporary Chinese affairs for scholars, businessmen and government policy-makers. It publishes peer-reviewed articles of theoretical and policy research and research notes, as well as book reviews. The journal's fields of interest include economics, political science, law, culture, literature, business, history, international relations, sociology and other social sciences and humanities.

Publication Details:

The link below provides access to all articles from the Journal of Contemporary China from January 1997 to current. Articles are arranged by subject matter. 

Articles by Subject


August 6, 2019 - What’s Happening in Hong Kong and Why? - Richard Mueller. Read it HERE

Richard Mueller published an essay in The Nelson Report on October 30, 2018. Read it HERE

November 4, 2019 - Richard Mueller - Hong Kong in Turmoil. This presentation was the first of a four part program by four former career American Consuls General to Hong Kong presented at the Center for China-US Cooperation, Korbel School of International Studies, Denver University, November 4, 2019.  The four panelists were:   Richard W. Mueller, Richard A. Boucher, Steven Young, and Kurt Tong. Read it HERE

In the News:

Professor Suisheng Zhao has contributed to the newly released e-book,  titled:

"Xi's Policy Gambles:  The Bumpy Road Ahead" Xi's Policy Gambles

Two years after Xi Jinping was elected President of China, the country is undergoing a profound transformation that will shape its political and economic position. Whether Xi will succeed in pursuing his "China Dream" development plan will ultimately depend upon his ability to successfully manage the end of China's astonishing economic growth, and to adapt it to the so–called economic "new normal". Xi's term will be key to find out whether China is going to further scale–up its position in the international arena. This report covers most of the major economic and political changes in China with a view to sketching out possible scenarios for the next years.

The report, edited by Alessia Amighini and Axel Berkofsky, will be presented today during the Fifth Annual Conference "China Watcher".

Paolo Magri
Xi's Domestic Bet: Deng or Gorbachev?
Filippo Fasulo
The Chinese Recipe: A Unique Model for Modernisation?
Suisheng Zhao
China's Economic Growth. Heading to a "New Normal"
Alessia Amighini
The Irreversible Rise. A New Foreign Policy for a Stronger China
Gudrun Wacker
EU and China: Making Room for Result–oriented Dialogue
Axel Berkofsky
China's "New Silk Road": A Case Study in EU–China Relations
Wang Yiwei
Conclusions. Implications for the EU

A link to the e-book can be found here: