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Year of AbstractRegionCategoryTitleYear of PublicationAuthorAbstractor
2005 General Refugees The Evolution of the International Refugee Protection Regime | GO TO ABSTRACT 2001 Feller, Erika Persky, Leah
2007 Africa Children's Rights Protecting Sudan's Children | GO TO ABSTRACT 2007 Freedson, J., S. Singh, and S.W. Spencer Barnes, Annmarie
2005 Africa Children's Rights Trafficking in Children in West and Central Africa | GO TO ABSTRACT 2002 Dottridge, M. Stands, Elizabeth
2005 Africa Human Rights A Basic Human Rights Approach to Democracy in Uganda | GO TO ABSTRACT 2002 Dicklitch, Susan Amajaru, Simon
2005 Africa Human Rights Modern Day Slavery | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Fitzgibbon, K. Stands, Elizabeth
2005 Africa Human Rights Dying in Darfur - Can Ethnic Cleansing in Sudan be Stopped? | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Power, Samantha Nichols, Alexandra
2010 Africa Human Rights Gender Against Men [DVD] | GO TO ABSTRACT 2009 Neumann, Daniel Chew, Vivienne
2010 Africa Human Rights A Panther in Africa: POV | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Matthews, Aaron Marks, Morgan
2010 Africa Human Rights The Devil Came on Horseback [FILM] | GO TO ABSTRACT 2007 Stern, Ricky and Anne Sundberg Powell, Tessa
2010 Africa Human Rights Gacaca in the Context of Reconciliation: the Case of Rwanda | GO TO ABSTRACT 2009 Marineau, J. Boon, Logan
2005 Africa Refugees Interethnic Relations in Exile: The Politics of Ethnicity Among Sudanese Refugees in Uganda and Egypt | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Moro, Leben Braun, Teresa
2005 Africa Refugees Refugees and the Spread of Conflict: Contrasting Cases in Central Africa | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Whitaker, B. Tongate, Keely
2005 Africa Refugees The Use and Abuse of Refugees in Zaire | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Adelman, H. Ott, Marie E.
2005 Africa Refugees Migration in West Africa | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Adepoju, A. Stands, Elizabeth
2005 Africa Refugees The Road Home. Dreams and Fears. "I am Going Back to the Land that God Gave us." | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004   Egebrecht, Keesha
2010 Africa Refugees Negotiating Authority Between UNHCR and "The People" | GO TO ABSTRACT 2006 Turner, Simon Chew, Vivienne
2010 Africa Refugees From Refuge to Refugee: The African Case | GO TO ABSTRACT 2001 Geisler, Charles and Ragendra de Sousa Buck, Dina
2010 Africa Refugees Returning Refugees: Four Historical Patterns of "Coming Home" to Rwanda | GO TO ABSTRACT 2005 Newbury, David Buck, Dina
2010 Africa Refugees Language Maintenance and Identity Among Sudanese-Australian Refugee-Background Youth | GO TO ABSTRACT 2009 Hatoss, A. and T. Sheely Bhatia, Nirvana
2010 Africa Refugees Remittance Patterns of Southern Sudanese Refugee Men: Enacting the Global Breadwinner Role | GO TO ABSTRACT 2008 Johnson, Phyllis J. and Kathrin Stroll Egan, Laura
2010 Africa Refugees War/Dance [FILM] | GO TO ABSTRACT 2008 Fine, Sean and Andrea Nix Fine Jorgensen, Ellen
2010 Africa Refugees Lost Boys of Sudan | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Mylan, Megan and John Shenk Marks, Morgan
2010 Africa Refugees Somali Bantu: New Life, New Home. Interview with Ali. [WEB VIDEO] | GO TO ABSTRACT   Swain, Lauren Page, Jonathan
2010 Africa Refugees The Impact of Mozambique's Land Tenure Policy on Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons | GO TO ABSTRACT 2000 Hanchinimani, Bina Pigott, Martha
2010 Africa Refugees Rain in a Dry Land [FILM] | GO TO ABSTRACT 2007 Makepeace, Anne Powell, Tessa
2010 Africa Refugees "Lost Boys" and the Promised Land: US Newspaper Coverage of Sudanese Refugees | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Robins, Melinda B. Vatsa, Shailer
2010 Africa Refugees God Grew Tired of Us [FILM] | GO TO ABSTRACT 2006 Quinn, Christopher Philpot, Holly
2010 Africa Refugees Ensuring Durable Solutions for Rwanda's Displaced People: A Chapter Closed too Early | GO TO ABSTRACT 2005   Boon, Logan
2005 Africa Religion Spirits and the Cross: Religiously Based Violent Movements in Uganda | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Cline, Lawrence Amajuru, Simon
2005 Africa Torture Amputation as a Strategy of Terror in Sierra Leone | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Fogelberg, Kate and Alexandra Thalmann Dilts, Cara
2005 Africa Torture Somali and Oromo Refugees: Correlates of Torture and Trauma History | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Jaranson, J. et al Tongate, Keely
2010 Asia Children's Rights No Childhood At All | GO TO ABSTRACT 1997 Kalayanee, Sam Jorgensen, Ellen
2005 Asia Menta/Physicall Health Beyond the Burqa: Addressing the Causes of Maternal Mortality in Afghanistan | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 del Valle, H. Braun, Teresa
2007 Asia Mental/Physical Health Understanding Mental Health Needs of Southeast Asian Refugees: Historical, Cultural, and Contextual Challenges | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Hsu, E., C.D. Davies, and E.J. Hansen Bosley, Cindy
2010 Asia Human Rights The Perils of Being a Borderland People: On the Lhotshampas of Bhutan | GO TO ABSTRACT 2010 Evans, Rosalind Shah, Trishna
2007 Asia Refugees Afghan Refugees and their General Practitioners in the Netherlands: To Trust or Not to Trust | GO TO ABSTRACT 2007 Feldman, T. et al Courtnage, Katherine
2007 Asia Refugees Exploring Identity, Culture and Suffering with a Kashmiri Sikh Refugee | GO TO ABSTRACT 2007 Aggarwal, Neil K. Azoff, Ellie
2005 Asia Refugees The Geopolitics of Afghan Refugees in Pakistan | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Grare, F. Ott, Marie E.
2010 Asia Refugees Seoul Train: A Documentary Film [FILM] | GO TO ABSTRACT 2005 Butterworth, Jim, Aaron Lubarsky, and Lisa Sleeth Diffley, Brian
2010 Asia Refugees Acts of Betrayal: The Challenge of Protecting North Koreans in China | GO TO ABSTRACT 2005 Charny, Joel R. Diffley, Brian
2010 Asia Refugees Out of SighT, Out of Mind: Thai Policy Toward Burmese Refugees | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Human Rights Watch Jessup, Sarah
2010 Asia Refugees Asylum Seekers and "Non-Political Native Refugees" in Papua and New Guinea | GO TO ABSTRACT 2002 Neumna, Klaus Jessup, Sarah
2010 Asia Refugees Distinguishing Means and Ends: The Counterintuitive Effects of UNHCR’s Community Development Approach in Nepal | GO TO ABSTRACT 2005 Muggah, Robert Shah, Trishna
2010 Europe Human Rights Immigration, Asylum and Terrorism: A Changing Dynamic Legal and Practical Developments in the EU in Response to the Terrorist Attacks of 11.09 | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Brouwer, Evelien Becker, Shanae
2007 Europe Refugees At Least You're the Right Colour: Identity and Social Inclusion of Bosnian Refugees in Australia | GO TO ABSTRACT 2005 Colic-Peisker, V. Courtnage, Katherine
2005 Europe Refugees Reconceptualizing the Myth of Return: Continuity and Transition Among the Greek-Cypriot Refugees of 1974 | GO TO ABSTRACT 1999 Zetter, Roger Zimmerly, Kate
2003 Europe Refugees The Limits to Transnationalism: Bosnian and Eritrean Refugees in Europe as Emerging Transnational Communities | GO TO ABSTRACT 2001 Al-Ali, N., R. Black, and K. Koser Barnett, Sabra
2003 Europe Refugees Immigration, Social Citizenship and Housing in Germany Welfare | GO TO ABSTRACT 1996 Faist, Thomas and Hartmutt Haußermann Neil, Michael
2003 Europe Refugees Bosnian Refugees and Socio-Economic Realities: Changes in Refugee and Resettlement Policies in Austria and the United States | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Franz, B. Vernon, Carol
2010 Europe Refugees Community Contact and Mental Health Among Socially Isolated Refugees in Edinburgh | GO TO ABSTRACT 2002 Ager, Alastair et al Bell, Kim
2003 Europe Refugees EU Enlargement and the Challenge of Policy Transfer: The Case of Refugee Policy | GO TO ABSTRACT 2002 Lavenex, S. Vernon, Carol
2005 Europe Refugees Ukraine: On the Outside Looking In | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004   Egebrecht, Keesha
2010 Europe Refugees Judicial Protection and the New European Asylum Regime | GO TO ABSTRACT 2010 Staffans, Ida Corradini, Katie
2003 Europe Education Education in a Rebuilding Nation: Renewing Special Education in Kosovo | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Bartlett, B., P. Blatch, and D. Power Neil, Michael
2005 Latin America Religion Calling Upon the Sacred: Migrants' Use of Religion in the Migration Process | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Hagan, Jaqueline and Helen Rose Ebaugh Persky, Leah
2005 Latin America Peacebuilding/Peacekeeping Peacebuilding in a War Zone: The Case of Colombian Peace Communities | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Sandford, V. and M. Muggah Kunkel, Lisa
2007 Latin America Refugees The Rise and Fall of "Internally Displaced People" in the Central Peruvian Andes | GO TO ABSTRACT 2001 Stepputat, F. and N. Sorensen Gore, Hayden
2007 Latin America Refugees Women's Political Consciousness and Empowerment in Local, National, and Transnational Contexts: Guatemalan Refugees and Returnees | GO TO ABSTRACT 2001 Pessar, Patricia R. Gore, Hayden
2007 Latin America Refugees Guatemalan Returnees and the Dilemma of Political Mobilization | GO TO ABSTRACT 1997 Krznaric, Roman Gore, Hayden
2005 General Refugees Risks, Safeguards, and Reconstruction: A Model for Population Displacement and Resettlement | GO TO ABSTRACT   Cernea, M. Kunkel, Lisa
2005 Latin America Refugees Conflict-Induced Displacement and Involuntary Resettlement in Colombia: Putting Cernea's IRLR Model to the Test | GO TO ABSTRACT 2000 Muggah, H.C. Kunkel, Lisa
2003 Latin America Refugees Beneath the Rio Negro | GO TO ABSTRACT 2000 McConohay, M. VanDerwill, Christine
2003 Latin America Refugees Guatemalan Refugees and Returnees: Local Geography and Mayan Identity | GO TO ABSTRACT 1997 Nolin, Hanlon C. VanDerwill, Christine
2003 Latin America Refugees "A Dark Obverse": Maya Survival in Guatemala, 1520-1994 | GO TO ABSTRACT 1996 Lovell, G. and C. Lutz VanDerwill, Christine
2010 Latin America Refugees The Bella Vista of Belizean Refugees | GO TO ABSTRACT 1999   Jeziorski, Christy
2010 Latin America Refugees Fertility Among Central American Refugees and Immigrants in Belize | GO TO ABSTRACT 1993 Moss, Nancy, Michael C. Stone, and Jason B. Smith Martinez, Debbie
2010 Latin America Refugees Colombia: The Ignored Humanitarian Crisis | GO TO ABSTRACT   De La Ascuncion, A. Page, Jonathan
2010 Middle East Human Rights The Human Rights of Middle Eastern and Muslim Women: A Project for the 21st Century | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Afary, Janet Meliksetian, Lucy
2005 Middle East Peacebuilding/Peacekeeping Elusive Ingredient: Hamas and the Peace Process | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Milton-Edwards, B. and A. Crooke Broadwell, Paula
2005 Middle East Refugees Palestinian Refugees and the Politics of Peacemaking | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 International Crisis Group Broadwell, Paula
2005 Middle East Refugees War in Iraq: Environment of Insecurity and International Migration | GO TO ABSTRACT 2005 Sirkeci, Ibrahim Braun, Teresa
2007 Middle East Refugees Iraqi International Migration: Potentials for the Postwar Period | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Sirkeci, Ibrahim Azoff, Ellie
2007 Middle East Refugees Iraqis Denied Right to Asylum | GO TO ABSTRACT 2007 Frelick, Bill Danton, Christine
2005 Middle East Refugees The Road Home. The Faili Kurds. Expulsion. A Forced March. And the Loss of Nationality | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Verney, Marie Helen Egebrecht, Keesha
2010 Middle East Refugees "Asylum Seekers," "Boat People," and "Illegal Immigrants": Social Categorization in the Media | GO TO ABSTRACT 2007 O'Doherty, K. and A. Lecouteur Bhatia, Nirvana
2005 Middle East Racism Zionism, Racism and the Palestinian People: Fifty Years of Human Rights Violations in Israel and the Occupied Territories | GO TO ABSTRACT 1999 Imseis, A. Broadwell, Paula
2010 Middle East Religion Muslim Dress in Europe: Debates on the Headscarf | GO TO ABSTRACT 2005 Shadad, W. and P.S. Van Koningsveld Meliksetian, Lucy
2007 North America Refugees Toward a History of Statelessness in America | GO TO ABSTRACT 2005 Kerber, Linda K. Azoff, Ellie
2005 North America Children Canada's Treatment of Separated Refugee Children | GO TO ABSTRACT 2001 Sadoway, G. Huls, Natalie
2005 North America Children Refugee Children in Canada: Searching for Identity | GO TO ABSTRACT 2001 Cantino, A.M. and A. Colak Huls, Natalie
2005 North America Refugees Perceived Racial Discrimination, Depression, and Coping: A Study of Southeast Asian Refugees in Canada | GO TO ABSTRACT 1999 Noh, Samuel et al Persky, Leah
2005 North America Refugees The United States Refugee Program: Reforms for a New Era of Refugee Resettlement | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Martin, D.A. Vernon, Carol
2010 North America Children The Measure of Society: The Treatment of Unaccompanied Refugee and Immigrant Children in the United States | GO TO ABSTRACT 2010 Young, Wendy and Megan McKenna Bell, Kim
2010 North America Refugees Positioning Women's Rights with Asylum Policy | GO TO ABSTRACT 2009 Zeigler, Sarah L. and Kendra B. Stewart Corradini, Kate
2010 North America Refugees Balseros [FILM] | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Bosch, C. and J.M. Domenech Farr-Rice, Clara
2010 North America Refugees The Fence (La Barda) [FILM] | GO TO ABSTRACT 2010 Kennedy, Rory Jeziorski, Christy
2010 North America Refugees Protecting Victims of Gendered Persecution: Fear of Floodgates or Call to (Principled) Action? | GO TO ABSTRACT 2006-2007 Musalo, Karen Martinez, Debbie
2010 North America Refugees Experiencing Refugee Resettlement in America: Exploring the Impact of Generalized Policies and Services | GO TO ABSTRACT   Sowa, Graham R. Vatsa, Shailer
2007 General Human Rights Torture, Justification, and Human Rights: Toward an Absolute Proscription | GO TO ABSTRACT 2007 Twiss, Sumner B. Barnes, Annmarie
2005 General Human Rights Lessons from Conflict: The Role of a Strong Judiciary and the International Community in Protecting Human Rights for Successful Humanitarian Aid | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Greenwood, Scott W. Dilts, Cara
2005 General Mental Health Refugees' Responses to Mental Health Screening: A Resettlement Initiative | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Novitt, N., C.R. Larrison, and L. Nackerud Bosley, Cindy
2005 General Mental Health Training Refugee Mental Health Providers: Ethnography as a Bridge to Multi-cultural Practice | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Gozdziak, Elzbieta M. Nichols, Alexandra
2010 General Mental Health Impact of Immigration Detention and Temporary Protection on the Mental Health of Refugees | GO TO ABSTRACT 2006 Steel, Z. et al. Egan, Laura
2007 General Refugees Endangered Humans: How Global Land Conservation Efforts are Creating a Growing Class of Invisible Refugees | GO TO ABSTRACT 2002 Geisler, Charles Courtnage, Katherine
2005 General Refugees Voluntary Repatriation and the Meaning of Return Home: A Critique of Liberal Mathematics | GO TO ABSTRACT 1994 Warner, Daniel Zimmerly, Kate
2005 General Refugees The Re-Libidinalization of the Internal World of a Refugee Family | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Volkan, Vamik D. Zimmerly, Kate
2007 General Refugees Humanitarianism in a Straightjacket | GO TO ABSTRACT 1985 Harrell-Bond, B. Danton, Christine
2007 General Refugees Developing an International System for Internally Displaced Persons | GO TO ABSTRACT 2006 Cohen, Roberta Danton, Christine
2007 General Refugees The Protection of Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons: Non-Refoulement Under Customary International Law? | GO TO ABSTRACT 2006 Chan, Phil C.W. Barnes, Annmarie
2003 General Refugees The Refugee: The Individual Between Sovereigns | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Haddad, E. Neil, Michael
2005 General Refugees Refugee Flows as Grounds for International Action | GO TO ABSTRACT 1996 Dowty, A. and G. Loescher Ervin, Elizabeth
2005 General Refugees Refugees and the Global Politics of Asylum | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Crisp, J. Ervin, Elizabeth
2005 General Children's Rights Seeking Asylum Alone: Treatment of Separated and Trafficked Children in Need of Refugee Protection | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Bhabha, J. Ervin, Elizabeth
2003 General Refugees Caring at a Distance: (Im)partiality, Moral Motivation, and the Ethics of Representation - Asylum and the Principle of Proximity | GO TO ABSTRACT 2000 Gibney, M.J. Barnett, Sabra
2003 Refugees Refugees Globalization: Implications for Immigrants and Refugees | GO TO ABSTRACT 2002 Richmond, A.H. Barnett, Sabra
2005 General Refugees Bringing Order Out of Chaos: A Culturally Competent Approach to Manage the Problems of Refugees and Victims of Organized Violence. | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Eisenbruch, Maurie, T.V.M Jong Joop, and Willem Van de Put Amajuru, Simon
2005 General Refugees "Active" and "Passive" Resettlement: The Influence of Support Services and Refugees' own Resources on Resettlement Style | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Colic-Peisker, V. and T. Farida Bosley, Cindy
2003 General Refugees Social Work Interventions in Refugee Camps: An Ecosystems Approach | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Drumm, R.D., S.W. Pittman, and S. Perry Rall, Jaime
2005 General Refugees Rights, Refugee Women & Reproductive Health | GO TO ABSTRACT 1995 Gilbert, Lauren Dilts, Cara
2010 General Refugees Protection of Stateless Persons in International and Asylum Refugee Law | GO TO ABSTRACT 2009 Darling, Kate Becker, Shanae
2010 General Refugees Protecting Women Asylum Seekers and Refugees: From International Norms to National Protection? | GO TO ABSTRACT 2010 Freedman, J. Farr-Rice, Clara
2010 General Refugees Restructured Safe Havens: A Proposal for Reform of the Refugee Protection System | GO TO ABSTRACT 2000 Arulanantham, Ahilan T. Pigott, Martha
2010 General Refugees Reconciling Responsibility to Protect with IDP Protection | GO TO ABSTRACT 2010 Cohen, Roberta Philpot, Holly
2003 General Refugees Immigrant and Refugee Communities: Resiliency, Trauma, Policy, and Practice | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Schmitz, C.L. et al Rall, Jaime
2005 General Torture Trust Building from the Perspective of Survivors of War and Torture | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Bhenia, B. Ott, Marie E.
2003 General Torture Refugee Survivors of Torture: Trauma and Treatment | GO TO ABSTRACT 2001 Gorman, W. Rall, Jaime
2003 General Torture Treating Refugee Victims of Torture: Creation of the Rocky Mountain Survivor's Center | GO TO ABSTRACT 1999 Van Arsdale, Peter W. and Dennis F. Kennedy Nichols, Alexandra
2005 General Refugees The Protection of Refugee Women and Children: Litmus Test for International Regime Success | GO TO ABSTRACT 2002 Young, W. Tongate, Keely
2005 General Refugees Protecting Refugee Women and Children | GO TO ABSTRACT 2003 Fagen, P.W. Huls, Natalie
2010 Africa Refugees Sierra Leone's Refugee All-Stars [FILM] | GO TO ABSTRACT 2007 Niles, Zach and Banker White Kopakowski, Alexis
2010 Asia Refugees Embodying Exile: Trauma and Collective Identities Among East Timorese Refugees in Australia | GO TO ABSTRACT 2004 Wise, Amanda Kopakowski, Alexis

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