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Crossley Scholars Present Poster Session at PAPOR Conference

By Aaron Schonhoff, Crossley Scholar

As Crossley Scholars, Kevin Stay and I had the opportunity to join our professor, Floyd Ciruli, and attend the annual Pacific Chapter of the American Association for Public Opinion Research (PAPOR) conference. When we boarded our flight to San Francisco for the December 2014 conference, we knew the city was under siege from a massive rain storm. We had heard power was down and the winds were strong. After a couple of flight delays, we were unsure if we'd make it to the city and if there would be a conference once we got there. When we finally arrived, however, normalcy was returning to San Francisco. Credit to the conference organizers for being able to sort through the chaos and keep the conference rolling.

Conference invaluable for networking

Set in the heart of San Francisco, the Marine Memorial Hotel served as an ideal location for those of us who had never visited the city before. In comparison to the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR) conference, held at the Marriott in Anaheim last spring, PAPOR's conference, which is the Pacific Chapter of AAPOR, provided a much more intimate setting full of familiar faces. For those unfamiliar faces, the complimentary happy hour provided a perfect opportunity for introductions.

Because we attended both conferences we renewed acquaintances with some of the best researchers in the West, such as Mark DiCamillo, head of the California's renowned Field Poll. The opportunities are invaluable for networking with potential future employers or colleagues.

Poster session on Colorado's marijuana vote

When it came time to present our poster on the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, we had no shortage of questions. Undoubtedly, with legalization set to be an issue on the 2016 ballot in California, our fellow PAPOR attendees were interested in the topic.

The 2014 PAPOR conference provided an excellent opportunity to hear from some of the best minds in Public Opinion in a small, intimate setting within a world-class city.