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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

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Adjunct Faculty

Arianna Nowakowski, Adjunct Professor

Email: [email protected]


Professional Profile

Arianna Nowakowski is the Assistant Director and Teaching Assistant Professor for the Global Affairs Program at DU's University College. She received her PhD in International Studies from the University of Denver in 2012. Her fields of study are International Politics and Comparative Politics, although her interests extend beyond these areas to include questions of international gender politics and the negotiation of national identities. In particular, her research focuses on constructions of masculine subjectivity within articulations of Russia's post-Soviet national idea, emphasizing the interconnectedness of gender identities and conceptions of the nation during times of social and political change.

Dr. Nowakowski teaches a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses at the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, including "Gender and International Relations," "Human Rights Research Design and Writing," and "The European Union." She has also taught special topics courses for the Gender and Women's Studies Program, including "Gender and Russian Identity in Historical Perspective," and "Writing Gender Around the World."  Forthcoming articles include: "Vladimir Putin and the Body Politic: The Coalescence of Corporeality and Temporality in Putin's Russia" and "Performativity and the Negotiation of Masculinities in Late Soviet and Post-Soviet Film."


  • INTS 3140—Russian Identity
  • INTS 2320—European Union
  • INTS 3702—Human Dimensions of Globalization