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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Josef Korbel School students study abroad at locations around the globe

Regional Emphases


The Josef Korbel School has a growing and expanding regional emphasis on Europe, including comparison with other regions. Currently, there are two professors who teach and conduct research specifically on the politics and societies of Europe and the European Union - Rachel Epstein and Martin Rhodes.

Professors Epstein and Rhodes are the co-academic directors of The Colorado European Union Center of Excellence (CEUCE). In partnership with executive director, Felicia Naranjo Martinez and administrative director, Sarah Edwards, the CEUCE team maintains the Mountain West hub for EU diplomacy and study, and is connected with fellow Jean Monnet centers across the U.S. and around the world. It holds and collaborates with units across the DU campus and the Mountain West to bring workshops, seminars, conferences, trade related and cultural events on Europe and Transatlantic issues, and produces publications on those and related issues. Go to CEUCE for further detail.


Centers, institutes and student groups


For students interested in designing a concentration in European studies, at least one course must be region-specific. Region-specific courses include:

  • INTS 4751: European Foreign and Defense Policy
  • INTS 4403: The Politics of Post-Communist Transition and Enlargement
  • INTS 4710: Topics: Human Rights and the European Union
  • INTS 4328: European Post-Communist States

All concentrations must be approved by the degree director and the Josef Korbel School Office of Student Affairs, Susan Rivera.

Course offerings with some European content
Students can incorporate a European focus into the following courses:

  • INTS 4250: Outbreak of War
  • INTS 4370: Political Economy of Globalization
  • INTS 4501: Comparative Politics: States and Societies in the 21st Century
  • INTS 4525: Religion and State in Comparative Perspective
  • INTS 4569: Migration
  • INTS 4715: Problems and Challenges of Democratization
  • INTS 4875: Human Rights and Foreign Policy
  • INTS 4939: Human Rights: Genocide
  • INTS 4936: International Law and Human Rights
  • INTS 4941: Human Rights and International Organizations

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