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Josef Korbel School of International Studies

Josef Korbel School students study abroad at locations around the globe

Regional Emphases

Middle East

The Josef Korbel School has a growing and expanding regional emphasis on the Middle East. Currently, there are several professors who teach and conduct research on the politics and societies of the Middle East (and the broader Islamic world). We also have a very active Center for Middle East Studies that produces new scholarship on the Middle East and provides a forum for debate and discussion about the complex realities of the region. The Middle East Discussion Group performs a similar function. It is simply an ad-hoc group of students and faculty who meet regularly to discuss topical issues relevant to the contemporary politics and societies of the Middle East. Students interested in a deeper grasp of the region should also consult the Department of Languages and Literature (where Arabic and Hebrew courses are offered) and the Department of Religion and the Center for Judaic Studies.


Centers, institutes and student groups

Course offerings

For students interested in designing a concentration in Middle East studies, at least one course must be region-specific. Region-specific courses include:

  • INTS 4524: Introduction to Middle East and Islamic Politics
  • INTS 4526: Modern Islamic Political Thought
  • INTS 4535: Great Books on the Middle East
  • INTS 4924: Democratization in the Middle East
  • INTS 4384: The Middle East and US Security
  • INTS 4878: Religion and Politics: Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • INTS 4710: Human Rights in the Middle East

All concentrations must be approved by the degree director and the Director of Student Affairs, Susan Rivera.

In addition, students can incorporate a Middle East focus into the following courses:

  • INTS 4940: Introduction to Human Rights
  • INTS 4525: Religion and State in Comparative Perspective
  • INTS 4875: Human Rights and Foreign Policy
  • INTS 4851: Theories of Non-Violence
  • INTS 4934: Intervention: Policies and Practices-Shaping the Global Order
  • INTS 4543: Religion and International Studies: The Apocalyptic Tradition
  • INTS 4937: Human Rights and the International Refugee System
  • INTS 4987: Contemporary Slavery and Human Trafficking
  • INTS 4362: Discrimination, Minorities and the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
  • INTS 4501: Comparative Politics: States and Societies in the 21st Century
  • INTS 4939: Human Rights: Genocide
  • INTS 4941: Human Rights and International Organizations
  • INTS 4936: International Law and Human Rights
  • INTS 4711: Politics of Democracy and Development
  • INTS 4468: Politics of Development
  • INTS 4367: Global Health Affairs
  • INTS 4435: Health and Development
  • INTS 4495: Civil Wars and International Responses
  • INTS 4715: Problems and Challenges of Democratization
  • INTS 4920: Conflict Resolution