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Degree Programs

Global Health Affairs


The GHA curriculum, combined with one of the Josef Korbel School academic degree programs, will prepare you to address the key role of health in increasingly multisectoral approaches to development, security, diplomacy, human rights and other areas of focus in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

GHA students gain the substantive knowledge, methodological grounding and technical skills to understand how global health priorities are set, how policies and interventions are implemented and how their achievements are evaluated. GHA offers specialized courses on key health issues such as HIV/AIDS, population, environment, health/security interactions and biomedical technology.

Our rapid growth means we will be adding new substantive, regional and management specialization courses in coming quarters.

In short, GHA offers the ideal interdisciplinary mix of health, social science, political and managerial training for the key trends in the emergent world of global health:

  • the interface between social, medical and technological change as both cause and consequence of health
  • the unique social, economic and biomedical concerns of an increasingly borderless world
  • global efforts to improve health in the areas of policy, social movements, aid, law and trade
  • the emergence of public/private ventures addressing health issues through NGOs, global initiatives and corporate social responsibility programs

Whatever global health career you choose, GHA will prepare you for these new realities and help you adapt to the fast-changing world of global health.

A key element of helping you address—and shape—the new realities of global health rests on pursuing a profound engagement with the diverse range of organizations and disciplines in the field of global health.

GHA is building strong ties among the growing hub of global health research, policy and service organizations along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, including CU-Boulder, CU-Denver and Health Sciences Center, Project C.U.R.E. and others.

We are also working to inject a global health focus into the many international partnerships and centers based at the Josef Korbel School.