Editorial Guidelines

The Editorial Review Board of Human Rights & Human Welfare envisions a journal stylistically similar to the New York Review of Books. We publish review essays that combine topical mastery, incisive analysis and originality with engaging style and candid expression of policy preferences and philosophical premises. Astringency of statement will not be discouraged. The editors seek a broad audience of readers — field practitioners, policy-makers, activists, academics, and students.

In preparing drafts, contributors should not be overly concerned about essay length. While crisp and concise writing are appreciated, appropriate length should vary with the apt ambition of the essay. Authors should consider the material they are reviewing as the centerpiece or point of departure for exploring an issue or cluster of issues of contemporary importance to human rights, justice and/or welfare (and taking note of the inevitable overlaps and tensions where they exist). Reference to current debates in the field (whether within the academy or the worlds of policy and practice) are expected and encouraged, as is reference to first-hand accounts, research, or other pertinent information and exemplary experience. In order to stimulate constructive debate, the editors also invite reference to previously published reviews of the work (or works) in question. In short, be informative, incisive, imaginative, and innovative. Each essay is peer-reviewed by a panel of no less than two reviewers chosen from, and in appropriate cases by, members of the Editorial Review Board.

HRHW Style Guidelines

Essayists should refer to the HRHW Style Sheet before preparing their submissions. Please refrain from using extensive footnotes beyond an occasional reference to parenthetical material or information. Endnotes will not be accepted. Reviewers must supply the editors with an electronic copy of the essay; essays composed in Microsoft Word (any version) are preferred. Reviewers may send essays on 3.5" diskette or as an e-mail attachment to hrhw@du.edu.

Access and Permissions

Access to the HRHW website is free. All essays and articles appearing on this internet site (http://www.du.edu/korbel/hrhw) are copyrighted. Permission is granted to visitors to this site to view, download, print, or otherwise duplicate essays obtained through this site, on an unlimited basis. Copyrighted materials may not appear in other electronic fora, including websites, archive, or through other electronic media, without express permission of the editors. External internet links to the "home page" (listed above) of this site are welcomed and encouraged. We discourage links to other pages in the site, as site changes may render those links invalid. HRHW kindly requests that webmasters who link directly to this site inform us via e-mail.

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